Friday, November 5, 2010

The Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire... Blog Tour & Review

The killer she can't escape . . .
The heartbreak she can't forget . . .
The one man who can stop them both.

Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire

When Samantha Fairchild witnesses a murder in the wine cellar of the restaurant where she works, the Harvard-bound law student becomes the next target of a professional assassin. Desperate for protection the authorities won't provide, Sam seeks help from Vivi Angelino, an investigative reporter who recruits her brother, Zach, to protect Samantha. A Special Forces vet with the scars to prove he's equally fearless and flawed, Zach takes the job, despite the fact that he and Sam once shared a lusty interlude that ended when he left for war and disappeared from her life. Now, as they crack a conspiracy that leads to Boston's darkest corners, Sam and Zach must face their fears, desires, and doubts, before a hired killer gets a second shot...

I absolutely LOVED this book! Edge of Sight had just the right mix of suspense AND romance! The writing was great and I was hooked right from the start! At the beginning of the book, when Samantha Fairchild was huddled in that wine cellar, hiding from the killer, I was right there with her holding my breathe! And I actually kept holding it for quite some time because the suspense was that "edge of your seat" kind that just kept me turning those pages. No wimpy heroine here either, Samantha is a strong lead character with enough femininity to hold the attention of the man who ends up protecting her and falling back in love with her, Zach Angelino. There's enough sexual tension and passion between Zach and Samantha to keep romance readers happy (really happy!), but there's also a interesting plot. As the story progresses all the characters become fully fleshed out as you learn their backgrounds and connections. Things aren't all serious though, because Roxanne St. Claire adds some lighter moments to the investigation, as Vivi Angelino, Samantha's best friend and sister of that hunk Zach, forms her new security company, the Guardian Angelinos, in which Zach will provide the protection for their first pro bono client, Samantha Fairchild, and Vivi will do the investigation into the murders. As the plot weaves in and out, we actually are following what the killer is thinking and doing too, which just makes it even more interesting. And let's not forget the wrap up because that's good too! PLUS, there will be more from The Guardian Angelinos ( Zach never did get Vivi to change the name!) in Roxanne St. Claire's next two books Shiver of Fear and Face of Danger! But before we get to the next two books (which you can read excerpts from by clicking on those titles), let's read The Prequel to Edge of Sight! Taken To The Edge is the prequel to Edge of Sight...the short story of how Sam and Zach met, their passionate fling, and painful parting. You can read it for free on Roxanne St. Claire's website!

Chick with Books is part of the Edge of Sight Blog Tour! I want to thank Hachette Book Group for the review copy of Edge of Sight! And thank Roxanne St. Claire for a wonderful start to what looks to be a great series! Don't forget to check out Roxanne St. Claire's guest post later today on Chick with Books!

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