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Mirza Aslam Beg

On 30 November 2010, we read that a former Pakistani army Chief of Staff has said that the CIA and Mossad are behind the WikiLeaks Reports

Former Pakistani army Chief of Staff Mirza Aslam Beg has said that Wikileaks is a US plot to create a rift between friendly and neighbouring states.

"The US has a hand in this plot, and these reports are part of the US psychological warfare," said Beg.

He stated that the US could prevent the leak of information if it wanted to.

He warned that the real conspiracy behind these reports will be unraveled in future.

Beg explained that the CIA and Mossad have launched efforts to weaken and destabilize Pakistan, and the WikiLeaks reports are part of these efforts.

WikiLeaks claimed that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, a close ally of Pakistan, reportedly called Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari the main cause of his country's woes.

The Pakistani President's office has stated that the leaks were "no more than an attempt to create misperceptions between two important and brotherly Muslim countries".

Beg has spoken out about 9 11 (Former CIA and top official speak openly about - 911 Lies)

In 2001, Beg said:

"Many of us in this region believe that Osama or his al-Qaeda were not responsible for 11 September attacks in New York and Washington, yet the coalition led by United States is busy on ‘Afghan bashing,’ chasing objectives, which go much beyond Osama bin Laden.

"The information which is now coming up, goes to prove that involvement by the ‘rogue elements’ of the U.S. military and intelligence organization is getting more obvious.

"Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda definitely do not have the knowhow and the capability to launch such operations involving such high precision coordination, based on information and expertise."
(EIR, December 10, 2001)


The USA takes an interest in the nuclear activities of Pakistan and North Korea.

(Korean War Crisis: Brought To You By Uncle Sam)

Donald Rumsfeld presided over a $200 million dollar contract to deliver equipment and services to build two light water reactor stations in North Korea in January 2000 when he was an executive director of ABB (Asea Brown Boveri).

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is the father of Pakistan's atom bomb program.

Reportedly, he is protected by the CIA.

Khan has admitted selling nuclear technology via a worldwide network.

Linked to Khan was a Dubai company which gave nuclear components to North Korea.

The CIA prevented the Dutch from arresting Khan on two occasions.

Former Dutch Prime Minister, Ruud Lubbers said:

"The man was followed for almost ten years and obviously he was a serious problem. But again I was told that the secret services could handle it more effectively. The Hague did not have the final say in the matter. Washington did."

Lubbers stated that Khan was allowed to slip in and out of the Netherlands with the blessing of the CIA.

According to george W Bush, Khan became the "primary salesman of an extensive international network for the proliferation of nuclear technology and know-how."

Khan helped North Korea to build nuclear bombs.

Canada Free Press reported:

"Lubbers suspects that Washington allowed Khan's activities because Pakistan was a key ally in the fight against the Soviets...

"The US knew Pakistan was developing nuclear weapons but couldn’t care less because it was not going to be used against them. It was a deterrent against India and possibly the Soviets."

In September 2005 the Amsterdam court which sentenced Khan to four years imprisonment in 1983 reported it had lost the legal files on the case.

The court’s vice-president, Judge Anita Leeser, accused the CIA of stealing the files.

"Something is not right, we just don’t lose things like that," she told Dutch news show NOVA. "I find it bewildering that people lose files with a political goal, especially if it is on request of the CIA."


WikiLeaks report a conspiracy against Pakistan: Pakistan's Law Minister Babar Awan

Pakistan Army Chief Kayani Considered Ousting President Zardari.


Peter Connelly

The death of 'Baby P', in London in the UK, is said to have links to a paedophile ring involving top people.

On 30th November 2010, we read that there is "No need for Baby Peter inquest, coroner rules."

In 2007, 17-month-old Peter Connelly reportedly died at the hands of his mother Tracey, her boyfriend Steven Barker and Barker's brother Jason Owen.

An inquest into Peter's death will not go ahead, a coroner, Andrew Walker, has decided.

A cover-up to protect top people?

Jason Swift has links to Baby P. In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. A close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse ring. Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child abuse.

Peter receiving 60 visits from social workers, doctors and police at his home.

At the same time, Peter suffered more than 50 serious injuries, including a broken back, over the eight-month period.

Coroner Andrew Walker said he believed questions about Peter's death had already been answered.


Jason Owen

When he was aged 13, Jason Owen (born Jason Barker) was accused of beating and raping an 11 year old girl. (Jason Owen. / Baby P killers unmasked.)

Prosecutors decided not to prosecute.

According to relatives, Jason Owen inflicted cigarette burns on his younger brother Steven Barker.

By the time he was 20, Jason Owen had a string of convictions for burglaries, arson and assault.

In 1995 police were asked to investigate allegations that Jason Owen tortured his grandmother.

The charges were dropped after the grandmother died.

In 1999 Jason Owen set fire to his own families house.

A few years later the police were asked to investigate allegations that Jason Owen had tried to kill his sister and burn down her house.

Jason Owen stayed in the same home as Baby Peter.

The Mail on Sunday reported that children from Islington childrens homes were taken to the 'child abuse' island of Jersey 'on unofficial visits'. A close relative of Baby P was reportedly involved with the Islington child abuse ring.

Baby Peter suffered 50 injuries, including eight fractured ribs and a broken back.

The tip of his little finger was missing, when he was found dead in August 2007.

Owen "had joined in the habitual ... kicking ... of the child, as the child was used as a 'punching bag'".

Over many, many months, the police and social workers failed to take action to protect Baby Peter.

Paby Peter was tortured to death in August 2007.

Jason Owen was sent to jail at the end of 2008.

Mysteriously, Jason Owen has not been put on the Sex Offenders' Register.

On 27 October 2009, judges decided that Jason Owen's prison sentence should be cut.

Jason Owen could be released in 15 months. (Baby P lodger could be released in 15 months)

The judges, led by Lord Justice Hughes, ruled that Owen's previous convictions and his sexual relationship with a 15-year- old girl at the time of Peter's death did not mean he posed a 'significant risk of serious harm' in the future. (Jason Owen.)

Lord Justice Hughes has been tipped as a future Lord Chief Justice.

Earlier in 2009, he cut the sentence imposed on a rapist who fathered 19 children with his two daughters.

Baby Peter's mother is Tracey Connelly.

A close male relative of Tracey Connolly was investigated over his alleged involvement in the Islington children's home scandal in the 1990s.

"When the child abuse scandal that permeated Islington's homes was exposed in the 1990s the position of Connelly's relative was considered so serious that a separate report was written about him.

"Known as Child A, he was targeted by the paedophile ring as a victim and then groomed into becoming a kind of pied piper, luring other children from Islington homes into the grips of the group of abusers." (Tracey Connelly. )

Channel 4 News revealed that Tracey was abused by a male relative in the 1990's.

"This male relative was known to the authorities as Child A – a teenage pimp helping to run a care home paedophile ring in the London borough of Islington.

"Child A had also been abused at the hands of a paedophile ring."

Channel 4 News also revealed that Baby Peter’s grandfather and Tracey Connelly’s biological father, is a convicted sex offender. "He raped a minor in the Midlands in the 1970s and was convicted of another sex offence in the 80s."

Tracey Connelly was convicted of allowing Baby Peter's brutal death.

The Baby Peter murder may be linked to top freemasons?

In 2007, Baby Peter was tortured to death.

And his torturer may have friends in high places?

Jason Owen told friends: "Me and a friend tortured someone... but we went a bit too far." (Sadist lodger Jason Owen.)

In court, Jason Owen was blamed for Peter's death.

Has he got friends in high places?

When Baby Peter died, Jason Owen went to a campsite in Epping Forest, east of London, and helped dispose of bloodstained bedding and clothing.

He was on bail until halfway through the trial.

He was known to police. (Baby P: Jason Owen was nicknamed Fat Boy - Telegraph )

Eileen Fairweather, in the Mail on Sunday, has linked Baby Peter to Islington and Jersey ('I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist.)

Baby Peter, the Haringey boy, from Labour-run Haringey in London, was tortured to death by a satanist.

On 16 November 2008, the Mail on Sunday tells us How a close male relative of Baby P is linked to a big paedophile ring.

This child-abuse ring operated in Labour-run Islington, the part of London where Tony Blair once lived.

Reportedly, the ring supplied boys to top people.

(This child abuse ring, reportedly, has links to the child abuse in Jersey, which in turn, reportedly, has links to the Dutroux affair and the security services)

The close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse ring, according to a secret report seen by The Mail on Sunday.

In the early 1990s, the relative, as a boy, was put in a children's home, in Labour-run Islington, in London.

All 12 of the children's homes in Islington were being used by the child-abuse ring, which reportedly had links to top people.

This ring included three pimps called Alan, John and George.

Reportedly, the relative, then aged 13, was persuaded, by money, drugs and threats, to supply the pimps with young boys.

The relative tried to blow the whistle.

Reportedly, the relative told social workers the names of boys who were being ferried from the children's homes to various parts of London (Manor Park, Tottenham, Soho and Westminster) to ‘be buggered by old men’.

Reportedly, none of the men were put under surveillance or questioned.

Haringey Boy - Photo copyright Tim Stewart

Whistleblowing Social worker Neville Mighty, who had received death threats, named the relative in a report.

Neville Mighty contacted Islington’s then director of children’s services, Lyn Cusack, who is married to a senior policeman.

In June 1992, Mighty was sacked.

Liz Davies, the senior Islington social worker who encouraged Mighty to go public, said:

'We got too close. There were too many powerful people involved.

'Child sex, pornography and sadism are extremely lucrative industries.'

In 1994, an independent report criticised the failure of police and social workers to help the relative.

Bryn Estyn - one of many children's homes linked to child-abuse

On 2 March 2008, Eileen Fairweather at the The Mail on Sunday had an excellent news story entitled 'I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist.

Eileen Fairweather described the links between child abuse in Islington in London and child abuse on the islands of Jersey and Guernsey. She also suggests possible cover-ups by top police and politicians.

According to the Mail on Sunday article:

1. About 15 years ago, Detective Constable Peter Cook uncovered a child sex ring, with victims in both Britain and Jersey.

Cook's police bosses barred Cook from alerting police abuse specialists in London. Inquiries by junior detectives were closed down by senior police officers.

The child abuse ring members included an aristocrat, clerics and a social services chief. Their friends included senior police officers.

Cook managed to meet people at the National Criminal-Intelligence Squad. Little happened.

2. In February 2008, 'a child's remains' were found at a former children's home on Jersey.

More than 200 children who lived at Haut de la Garenne have described sexual and physical torture dating back to the Sixties.

3. There are the links between the child abuse at care homes in Islington, North London, and the child abuse on Jersey.

14-year-old Jason Swift, killed in 1985 by a paedophile gang, is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street home.

Two sources claimed this.

Every one of Islington's 12 care homes included staff who were paedophiles, child pornographers or pimps.

Police secretly confirmed that several Islington workers were 'major operators in the supply of children for abuse and pornography'.

Islington children were taken to Jersey 'on unofficial visits'.

Government Minister Margaret Hodge, then council leader in Islington, denounced "gutter journalists" who supposedly bribed children to lie about abuse.

(The Right Honourable Margaret Eve, Lady Hodge, MBE (née Margaret Oppenheimer; born September 1944, Cairo) is a British politician and Labour Party Member of Parliament for Barking. She was the first Minister for Children appointed in a newly created post within the Department for Education and Skills in 2001.)

5. Jersey social worker Simon Bellwood was sacked in 2007 after speaking out.

Jersey health minister Stuart Syvret was sacked after publicising a suppressed report into abuse allegations.

6. In June 1991, police in Cambridgeshire raided the home of Neil Hocquart who abused children in Britain and Guernsey.

Hocquart, along with a social worker from Jersey, supplied child pornography to a huge sex ring.

Hocquart, nee Foster, was abused while in care in Norfolk and was eventually 'befriended' by Captain H. Hocquart of Vale, in Guernsey.

Cambridgeshire police and a Scotland Yard squad raided Neil Hocquart's Swaffham Manor home in June 1991.

At nearby Ely they found his friend, Walter Clack, who was also reportedly involved with child pornography.

Police did not get a chance to properly interview these men. Hocquart died suddenly and Clack 'escaped with a £5,000 fine'.

Scotland Yard detectives related that they found at least "two or three" wills of older men who died of apparent heart attacks shortly after leaving everything to Neil Hocquart.

These deaths were never investigated.

7. Nicholas John Rabet, born on Jersey, was a friend of Hocquart's. Rabet became a childcare worker on Jersey.

Later, Rabet became deputy superintendent of islington council's home at 114 Grosvenor Avenue.

Rabet became a key supplier of children from Islington's care homes to paedophile rings.

Rabet and a colleague took children on trips to Jersey.

'Allegations mounted but nothing was done'.

Rabet befriended the widow of an American oil millionaire. This lady died after writing her will in Rabet's favour. Rabet inherited a property in Sussex, where he opened a children's activity centre. Children in Islington's care were regularly invited to stay there.

Hocquart and Walter Clack became "volunteers" at this activity centre.

Hocquart befriended one young boy called Shane (not his real name) who stayed at an islington care home.

Sussex police raided Rabet's children's centre and then contacted Shane, at his Islington children's home. Shane confirmed months of 'abuse'. Attempts to investigate further 'were thwarted by Islington Council'.

Islington 'falsely told Sussex officers it had no file material on Rabet or his alleged victim'.

The independent White inquiry into the abuse in Islington children's homes found that "at assistant director level . . . many confidential files were destroyed by mistake, although there is no evidence of conspiracy."

During the Rabet investigation, Islington refused to interview any other children in care or help Sussex police identify other children in Rabet's photos.

Police decided not to prosecute.

Shane told journalist Eileen Fairweather: "This goes right to the top. You have no idea how big this is."

Fairweather writes: "Third World police... succeeded where Britain's finest in Cambridgeshire, Sussex, London and Jersey had failed."

Rabet was arrested in Thailand in 2006 and charged with abusing 30 boys, some as young as six. Thai police believed he had abused at least 300.

Rabat was never tried. He died suddenly on 12 May 2006.

8. Two other Jersey-born social workers also worked in Islington.

One arranged sailing trips to Guernsey; the other sent children to Rabet's centre. Both were accused of abuse.

9. When Detective Constable Cook travelled to Guernsey, he met two brothers whom Hocquart 'delivered to a high-ranking, respected local man to rape'.

Reportedly no action was taken by senior police.

Jason Swift

In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang.

Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. (Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

Sidney Cooke, Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver, and Lennie Smith, were imprisoned in 1989 for the manslaughter of Jason Swift.

Cooke and his gang had sexually tortured and prostituted a number of boys.

The gang is believed to have killed at least nine children.[2]

Cooke was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

In 1998, Cooke was let out of prison eight years early.

There have been allegations that very powerful people have been involved in a child-abuse ring connected to Islington children's homes. ( Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

In 1982 Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) became Islington council leader.

She became a close friend of Tony Blair, who lived in Islington, a few doors away from Hodge.

In February 1990 Liz Davies and David Cofie, senior social workers, discovered evidence of sex abuse of children and reported it to a residents' meeting attended by Mrs Hodge.

In May 1990 Mr Cofie and Ms Davies were told by Lyn Cusack, assistant director of social services, to stop interviewing children about the abuse claims.

On 1 May 1997 Tony Blair moved from Islington to Downing Street.

In June 2003 Mrs Hodge was made minister for Children.
(Another minister under fire: call for Hodge to quit over child ...)

The Independent, 9 March 2008, has an article on missing children (Our children are missing: Most vulnerable youngsters are targeted) which tells us the following:

Sarah Benford, 14, disappeared from Welford House children's home in Northampton in April 2000.

She is still missing.

The UK's Police National Missing Persons Bureau has 1,418 "open cases" of missing children.

According to Police figures more than 100 children who should be in care have been missing for at least four years.

Many children who go missing are not reported to the police.

Member of parliament Helen Southworth says: "All figures on children missing from anywhere are estimates because, astonishingly, there is no requirement for data to be recorded or collected nationally."

Almost 1,000 children went missing from UK residential and foster care in 2007.

The number that went missing from care increased from 570 in 1997 to 950 in 2007.



David and Jonathan - just good friends.

Within the CIA there is said to be a 'Jewish' faction and a 'Catholic' faction, among others.

The December 2010 edition of National Geographic magazine (David & Solomon Controversy - National Geographic Magazine) suggests that:

The Kingdom of David was quite possibly "just a little cow town."

But, it all "depends on which archaeologist you ask."

What does this tell us about the National Geographic, which is said to be an asset of the CIA.

In National Geographic, Robert Draper writes:

"While the Bible says David and Solomon built the kingdom of Israel into a powerful and prestigious empire stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, from Damascus to the Negev, there's a slight problem - namely, that despite decades of searching, archaeologists had found no solid evidence that David or Solomon ever built anything."

Had found no solid evidence?

According to National geographic, Eilat Mazar works for two organizations "dedicated to the assertion of Israel's territorial rights."

In 2005, Eilat Mazar claimed she might have found the ruined remains of King David's palace.

According to National Geographic, Israeli archaeologist David Ilan of Hebrew Union College is among the many who doubt that Mazar has in fact found King David's palace.

"My gut tells me this is an eighth- or ninth-century building," he says, constructed a hundred years or more after Solomon died in 930 B.C.

National Geographic quotes Israel Finklestein.

Tel Aviv University's Israel Finkelstein is among those who point out that the so-called "Solomonic" buildings, excavated at Hazor, Gezer, and Megiddo, were constructed well after David and Solomon's time.

According to Finkelstein, King David's Jerusalem was little more than a "hill-country village."

David's kingdom would consist of "500 people with sticks in their hands shouting and cursing and spitting."

Most Israelis apparently were Khazars who converted to the Jewish religion. The Palestinians are the people most likely to have links to the Kingdom of David.

National Geographic has awarded grants to two archaeologists, Yosef Garfinkel and Thomas Levy.

National Geographic reports that, in the Elah Valley, where David allegedly slew Goliath, Hebrew University professor Yosef Garfinkel claims to have found the remains of a 'city' dating to the time that David reigned.

University of California, San Diego professor Thomas Levy has been excavating a 'copper-smelting operation', in an area linked to David's alleged enemies, the Edomites.

Levy dates one period of copper production to the tenth century B.C.

This was when, according to the Bible, the Edomites lived in the area.

But, scholars like Finkelstein state that Edom did not emerge until two centuries later.

Levy and Garfinkel support their claims with data including pottery remnants and radiocarbon dating of olive and date pits found at the sites.

David killed Goliath?

"Maybe Goliath never existed," Garfinkel tells National Geographic.

Garfinkel learnt about a nine foot high megalithic wall and began digging in 2008.

He found buildings which carbon-14 analysis dated to around 1000 B.C. He found bones from cattle, goats, sheep, and fish - but no pig bones.

This suggested Judaeans may have lived here.

A clay pottery object was found with writing that appears to be a proto-Canaanite script.

This suggested a tenth-century B.C. complex Judaean society of the sort which Finkelstein claimed did not exist.

If the Kingdom of David existed it was a very tiny place.

According to National Geographic, Yossi Garfinkel originally announced his conclusions "despite the fact that he had only four olive pits on which to base his dating, a single inscription of a highly ambiguous nature, and a mere 5 percent of his site excavated."

According to archaeologist David Ilan, "Yossi has an agenda - partly ideological, but also personal. He's a very smart and ambitious guy. Finkelstein's the big gorilla, and the young bucks think he's got a monopoly over biblical archaeology. So they want to dethrone him."

King David is important to Moslems, who call him Daoud, and to Jews and Christians.

Daniel Polisar is president of the Shalem Center, the Israeli research institute that helped fund Eilat Mazar's excavation work.

National Geographic quotes Polisar as saying: "You take David and his kingdom out of the book, and you have a different book.

"The narrative is no longer a historical work, but a work of fiction. And then the rest of the Bible is just a propagandistic effort to create something that never was. And if you can't find the evidence for it, then it probably didn't happen. That's why the stakes are so high."

According to national Geographic, the books of the Old Testament telling the story of David and Solomon were probably written at least 300 years after the event.

No other texts from that time exist to back up the story.

National Geographic points out that scholars have failed to provide proof that there really was an Abraham, a Moses, an Exodus or a conquest of Jericho.

Yigael Yadin, an Israeli, uncovered city gates at Hazor in the late 1950s.

He claimed the gates belonged to the tenth-century B.C. empire of Solomon.

Why? Because that was what it said in the First Book of Kings.

The First Book of Kings was added long after Solomon died in 930 B.C.

According to National geographic, unless new evidence emerges, we're left with tenth-century B.C. biblical world that Finkelstein first proposed in a 1996 paper.

That means no large Kingdom of David with fine buildings, but instead a collection of small kingdoms including
Philistines, Moabites and Aramaeans.

What about the Palestinians?

East Jerusalem resident and archaeology professor Hani Nur el-Din is quoted by National Geographic as saying, "When I see Palestinian women making the traditional pottery from the early Bronze Age, when I smell the taboon bread baked in the same tradition as the fourth or fifth millennium B.C., this is the cultural DNA. In Palestine there's no written document, no historicity - but still, it's history."

Anyone seen the Kingdom of David?

There is a problem with carbon dating.

National Geographic quotes Eilat mazar as saying: "Carbon-14 doesn't help you solve all this controversy.

"You have the plus or minus" - a margin of error of about 40 years.

"You have different laboratories bringing different interpretations. You have debates about the whole C-14 issue."

Finkelstein says: "Think of the Bible the way you would a stratified archaeological site.

"Some of it was written in the eighth century B.C., some the seventh, and then going all the way to the second B.C. So 600 years of compilation. This doesn't mean that the story doesn't come from antiquity. But the reality presented in the story is a later reality. David, for example, is a historical figure. He did live in the tenth century B.C.

"I accept the descriptions of David as some sort of leader of an upheaval group, troublemakers who lived on the margins of society. But not the golden city of Jerusalem, not the description of a great empire in the time of Solomon. When the authors of the text describe that, they have in their eyes the reality of their own time, the Assyrian Empire.

"Now, Solomon. I think I destroyed Solomon, so to speak. Sorry for that! But take Solomon, dissect it. Take the great visit of the Queen of Sheba—an Arabian queen coming to visit, bringing all sorts of exotic commodities to Jerusalem.

"This is a story which is an impossibility to think about before 732 B.C., before the beginning of Arabian trade under Assyrian domination. Take the story of Solomon as the great, you know, trainer in horses and chariots and big armies and so on. The world behind Solomon is the world of the Assyrian century."

What about Tom Levy's copper mining?

Finkelstein says, "I don't buy that it's from the tenth century B.C. There's no way people lived on this site during production. The fire, the toxic fumes—forget it! Instead, look at the fortress of En Hazeva on our side of the Jordan River, built by the Assyrians on the main road to Edom.

"I see Tom's building as an eighth-century Assyrian fortress parallel to the other one. And look, at the end of the day, his is a marginal site. It's not a stratified city with many eras, like Megiddo and Tel Rehov. Taking a pile of slag and making it the center of the discussion of biblical history—forget it, no way, I reject this absolutely!"

What about Garfinkel's 'city'?

Finkelstein says: "Look, you'll never catch me saying, 'I've found one olive pit at a stratum in Megiddo, and this olive pit - which goes against hundreds of carbon-14 determinations - is going to decide the fate of Western civilization.' "

The writing found at the site? Probably Philistine.

According to National geographic, even if Mazar, Levy and Garfinkel can prove their findings, "this does not a glorious biblical dynasty make."

National geographic quotes Finkelstein as saying: "Look, when I'm doing research, I have to distinguish between the culture of David and the historical David.

"David is extremely important for my cultural identity.... I'm proud that this nobody from nowhere became the center of Western tradition."

The National Geographic does not seem particularly pro-Israel.


Romania (Website for this image)

Some of the money goes to the Mafia and big global companies, it seems.

The European Union has billions in funds which are intended to help poor regions and poor people.

The UK Financial Times, 30 November 2010 (Europe's grand vision loses focus), reports on where some of this European Union money, intended to help the poor, is going:

1. Millions of euros are siphoned off by organised crime syndicates.

2. Large sums are going to big global companies such as IBM, Fiat, fashion retailer H&M and British American Tobacco.

McDonald’s got nearly €60,000 to pay for ‘skills training’ in one particular rich Swedish town


Bee Gees

Open Thread: 911's A Lie - The FreeBees - http://www.winterpatriot.com/



Israel Shamir, supposedly the "Israeli-Jewish" enemy of Zionism, would appear to be a disinformation agent?

Shamir does not believe that Wikileaks is the work of neocons or Zionists.

In an article on Wikileaks, he refers to "the lunatic fringe" getting "excited about another Zionist plot." (Assange in the Entrails of Empire)

Shamir does not believe that the Pentagon, CIA or Mossad had anything to do with the planning of 9 11.

Shamir wrote (Eng42):

"I can't accept the Mossad and/or the Jews as the perpetrators of the 9/11."

"As for 9/11 whodunit, I feel that the 911 Truth Movement ... trivializes the event."

"The kamikaze could be practically anybody: American Nationalists, American Communists, American Fundamentalist Christians, American Anarchists, anybody who rejects the twin gods of the dollar and the M-16, who hates the stock market and interventions overseas, who dreams of America for Americans, who does not want to support the drive for world domination..."



REVEALED: The FBI's top secret Kennedy files that showed Bobby and Jackie were lovers.

How to explain modern politics?

There are different factions struggling for power.

Who killed President Kennedy, Princess Diana, Yitzhak Rabin, Benazir Bhutto, Rafik Hariri or the Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Maurice Templesman, Barrack Obama and the Congo

Perhaps not much has changed since the reign of England's Richard Plantagenet, King Richard III.

Richard (1452-1485) was implicated in the death of Henry VI who died in 1471 while imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1471.

This death allowed Richard's elder brother Edward to become Edward IV.

Richard Plantagenet allegedly plotted against his brother Edward IV.

The Princes in the Tower, Edward V and his brother. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/princes-in-the-tower

Edward IV died in 1483, probably as the result of pneumonia or typhoid, but possibly from poison.

Edward IV's son, Edward V, was 12-year-old.

Richard became Protector of the Realm.

He faced opposition from many factions.

Richard placed Edward V and his brother in the Tower of London, 'for their own safety'.

Richard was declared King of England.


It was rumoured the Princes in the Tower had been murdered.

Henry Tudor, who had a dubious claim to the throne, gathered support and defeated Richard in battle.

Henry Tudor became Henry VII.

The top people are not always gentle and kind.


Wikileaks is Israeli propaganda- supporting an attack on Iran?

Reportedly, Lia Abramovitch, an Israeli-born investigative journalist, writes for the Syriatruth website.

Reportedly, Abramovitch has found evidence that Julian Assange 'struck a deal with Israel.'

According to this alleged deal, Julian Assange agreed to withhold cables incriminating Israel.

Reportedly, Abramovitch cites former WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg as her source.

Domscheit-Berg reportedly said that Assange received money from semi-official Israeli sources.

(Israel appears only in 77 Wikileaks docs. / http://www.syriatruth.info/content/view/977/36/ / Rebuttal to Article Alleging a Deal with ...)

Wikileaks appears to be pro-Israel and anti-Moslem.

Reportedly, in the USA, there is an Obama-Brzezinski faction that wants to use certain Moslem allies in Turkey and Iran to frustrate Russia and China in Central Asia.

There is also a pro-Israel faction that is less keen on US ties to Moslems, and wants Iran to be attacked immediately.

Wikileaks would appear to be mainly the work of the pro-Israel faction.

However, the Obama-Brzezinski faction will not necessarily dislike everything in the leaks.

Israel apparently wants to smash Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and other Moslem countries. Obama has a 'more subtle' approach, seeing that CIA assets in Moslem countries such as Turkey, Iran and Indonesia can be used to turn these countries into bulwarks against Russia and China.

According to sources (Wikileaks' Newest Leak Leaked on Twitter), the latest Wikileaks documents report that:

1. Obama 'prefers to look East rather than West'. (Der Spiegel: WikiLeaks say Ahmadinejad dubbed 'Hitler')

(Obama has tried to topple Ahmadinejad using CIA 'People Power'. Obama wants to use the CIA's Iranian friends to get at Russia and China. But, Israel wants a direct military attack on Iran. Thus Wikileaks must make Iran look highly dangerous.)

2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is like "Hitler."

Documents hint at Iranian involvement in "al-Qaeda suicide bombing." (Wikileaks: how Iran devised new suicide vest for al-Qaeda to use in Iraq)

According to WikiLeaks: the Red Crescent smuggled weapons for Iran

There were repeated private calls from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia for the United States to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear programme and 'cut off the head of the snake'. ('embarrassing' the US ...)

US embassy cables suggest Iran is bent on nuclear bomb, Israel warns

Iran May Have Missiles From North Korea, Cables Posted by WikiLeaks Show

(All this sounds like Israeli propaganda.)

Some sites are 'dangerous'. The Pentagon may have planned to use the Wikileaks saga as an excuse to crack down on those parts of the internet that spread the truth about false flag operations.

3. The US has ties to separatist groups in Turkey (WikiLeaks 'hacked' before release).

(It might suit Israel if Turkey was to become suspicious of the USA. Israel has already fallen out with Turkey, but Obama apparently wants to use Turkey against Russia and China.)

("The business about the Turks is clearly calculated in terms of its potential impact on disrupting the American-Turkish relationship." - Zbigniew Brzezinski: Who is Really Leaking to Wikileaks?)

4. Western diplomats express 'anti-Islam' sentiment in secret files.

British Foreign Office told the Sunday Times that WikiLeaks could reveal statements seen as "anti-Islam". (Netanyahu unconcerned about WikiLeaks)

(Israel wants a clash of civilisations, with the USA and Europe on the side of Israel.)

5. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan governs with "a cabal of incompetent advisors."

Angela Merkel "avoids risk and is rarely creative."

Nicolas Sarkozy is "the emperor with no clothes."

Berlusconi has "wild parties." (Berlusconi is seen as beeing too friendly with Russia)

Hamid Karzai is "driven by paranoia".

North Korean leader Kim Jong -il suffers from epilepsy.

Gaddhafi's full-time nurse is a "hot blond".


"Wikileaks is in fact a US-front organisation, or at the very least a Mossad operation. It is intent on undermining peace in the Middle East, and discrediting the region’s leaders and Iran in particular.

"That, at least, was the view of an Iranian analyst interviewed just now on al-Jazeera. The Wikileaks disclosures should be seen, he said, in light of the battle for power between the Republican and Democratic 'factions' in the US regime." (Is Wikileaks a front for the CIA or Mossad?)


There is apparently no mention of any CIA-Mossad involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

There is apparently no mention of Israel's activities in Turkey.

There is apparently no mention of the involvement of the security services in false flag attacks in such places as Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey or London

There is apparently no mention of any CIA involvement in Lockerbie.

Julian Assange was born in 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Reportedly, Julian, together with his mother Claire and his half-brother, spent his childhood fleeing the father of Julian's half-brother.

That father was a member of a cult, called The Family, run by a Anne-Hamilton Byrne.

Anne-Hamilton Byrne ran her 'child-kidnapping cult' on the outskirts of Melbourne.

"Byrne dyed the stolen children’s hair blonde and fed them LSD." (Julian Assange of WikiLeaks: “Destroyer of Worlds)

"The San­ti­nike­tan Park Asso­ci­a­tion of Anne Hamilton-Byrne con­di­tioned chil­dren with drugs, sen­sory depri­va­tion, sleep depri­va­tion, tor­ture and rit­ual sex­ual abuse in order to pro­duce sub­jects who bent to the will of the group’s leader." (Wiki of the Damned)

"Assange claims that Aus­tralian intel­li­gence has advised him, and there is an appar­ent link between Aus­tralian intel­li­gence and the cult." (Wiki of the Damned)

Australian intelligence works closely with the CIA and Mossad.


"Among those on the receiv­ing end of the cult’s ser­vices was Lord Casey, for­mer Governor-General of Aus­tralia and the min­is­ter in charge of over­see­ing the Aus­tralian intel­li­gence ser­vice, with which Assange claims to be connected." (Wiki of the Damned)

"Another indi­ca­tion of seri­ous insti­tu­tional sup­port for the cult con­cerns the par­tic­i­pa­tion in their activ­i­ties of Ronald Con­way. One of Australia’s most promi­nent Catholic intel­lec­tu­als, Con­way appears to have engaged in molesta­tion of chil­dren placed in his care." (Wiki of the Damned)

Anne Hamilton-Byrne acquired fourteen infants and young children between about 1968 and 1975.

Assange was born in 1971. ("Village of the Damned," meet Julian Assange)

Sarah Moore, a 'daughter' of Hamilton-Byrne, was a victim of the cult.

"Unseen, Unheard, Unknown" is the book by Sarah Moore (Hamilton-Byrne).

Sarah Moore alleges that Sandoz, part of the old I.G. Far­ben complex, pro­vid­ed the cult with free LSD.

San­doz bought the fam­ily busi­ness of 'Swiss Nazi financier' Carl Lund­strom.

One of Lundstrom's endeav­ors is Pirate Bay which hosts WIKILEAKS, in Sweden.

Wikileaks would appear to be partly the work of the CIA and its Mossad friends?

Israel would like the world to know that it is not just the Israeli military that sometimes murders kids.

Brits and Iraqis do it too, according to Wikileaks.

And the CIA and Mossad want us to believe some rubbish in Wikileaks about the Iranians.

Only Israel "has the penetration of the Department of Defense that would allow this kind of spying."

"The fact that the supposedly damaging leaks are in fact bolstering American accusations against Iran while minimizing American complicity in Iraqi deaths leads some to believe that the leaks are in fact engineered by the Pentagon to either discredit Wikileaks, or are in conjunction with Wikileaks which is a U.S. government outfit." (Wikileaks under doubt as “classified” documents substantiate bogus U.S. claims


Israel gets a pass in new 'Wikileaks' - Focus is on Iran

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wikileaks Latest Document Dump

Iran: US behind Wikileaks revelations


Wikileaks: Israel satisfied with portrayal of Iran position



"Mark Zuckerberg hacked into the email accounts of two ... reporters using data obtained from TheFacebook.com's logs." (How Mark Zuckerberg Hacked The Harvard Crimson) (Website for this image)

Mark Zuckerberg, who is Jewish, is one of the founders of Facebook.

Facebook's aim is "locating people to engage in special operations for Western intelligence agencies."

Mark Zuckerberg is a Mossad agent, claims Iranian ...

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that “Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a Jewish former Harvard University student.”

A Facebook spokesman told ABC that many employees of Facebook came from 'families marked by the Holocaust'. (The Jews behind Internet - Radio Islam)

According to The Guardian, "the real face behind Facebook is ... Peter Thiel." (With friends like these ... Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the ...)

Thiel is a powerful Neocon. (http://www.adelsoninstitute.org.il/OnAgenda.aspx?id=62&from=a)

Thiel founded PayPal along with Ukrainan-born Jew Max Rafael Levchin. (The Jews behind Internet - Radio Islam)


Mark Zuckerberg is close to Israel.

In 2008, Ha'aretz reported that "Co-founder of internet giant Google, Sergey Brin, will join Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Yahoo president Susan Decker at a presidential panel on technology to be held at the Jerusalem International Convention Center May 13-15.

"The convention, which was formed at the initiative of President Shimon Peres, will also be attended by a number of Israeli political, religious and financial leaders, as well as academics and cultural figures.

"The panel will discuss issues facing technology in today's age and the future, in particular in regard to how it will affect Israel and the Jewish world.

"Former UK prime minister Tony Blair will also take part in the conference, as will French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former prime minister of the Czech Republic Vaclev Havel, Nobel Prize Laureate Eli Wiesel, and Georgia President Michael Saakashvili. (Facebook, Google founders to attend Jerusalem conference in May ...)

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, was accused of hacking the email accounts of rivals and journalists. (articles)


Kate Middleton's parents sell customers' personal information.

Bawful After Dark: November 30, 2010

Dear God, the Thunder now have giant Smurfs as fans! (And isn't "giant Smurf" an oxymoron?)
(h/t JE Skeets for the screencap)

Erik Spoelstra may still have a job, but according to this fantastic satire piece, he may not for much longer: "Pat Riley adopts a baby for Erik Spoelstra to go spend time with."

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Joel Anthony does what he does best

Bucks Jazz Basketball
Yes, the Bucks lost. Why do you ask?

D-Will is taking this new TSA pat down very seriously and lending a helping hand to insure that Chris Douglas-Roberts will not be blowing up any planes on his long flight
(caption via Basketbawful reader RRR)

Bucks Jazz Basketball
AK47's hair takes the next step toward growing into its own entity and splitting off to form a new basketball player that looks like Captain Caveman


Rockets Mavericks Basketball
Hey Dirk, Jordan could make this look cool. You can't. Just FYI.

Wow, that's a hard, um, foul?

All The Games:
Celtics at Cavaliers, 7pm: Shaq ruminating on the early-season loss to the Cavaliers: "We took them a little bit too lightly." On the other hand, nobody can ever take Shaq lightly according to the laws of physics.

Pistons at Magic, 7pm: Detroit is not good at many things. Playing on the road. Playing against teams with winning records. Shooting. Rebounding. So, yeah, get ready for a night filled with Dwight Howard pulling down boards left and right.

Frail Blazers at 76ers, 7pm: Portland hasn't faced four straight losses in over two years, but considering their shooting right now, it's a possibility even if they are just playing against the Seventy Suxorz. With 39.9% shooting as a team over the past four games, Portland couldn't shoot their way out of a wet paper bag. Though I'm not really sure if you would shoot a basketball to get yourself freed from a wet paper bag. Wouldn't you just tear it? And where in the world would you find a paper bag big enough to trap the entire team?

Nyets at Knicks, 7:30pm: The Knicks are at .500 for the season (mostly thanks to beating up on losing teams during a recent favorable scheduling stretch), but only 2-5 at Madison Square Garden. Maybe the team should all hop on a bus and drive around aimlessly for a couple hours before gametime to trick the players into thinking it's a road game?

Lakers at Grizzlies, 8pm: Stat of the day: Derek Fisher is 3-for-21 from the field in his last three games.

Pacers at Kings, 10pm: The DeMarcus Cousins/Paul Westphal rift is just the latest example of the fact that the Purple Paupers are a barely watchable trainwreck. They're the basketball equivalent of Creepies
I wonder if the big spider can play power forward or center when DeMarcus Cousins gets benched?

Spurs at Warriors, 10:30pm: San Antonio has not lost on the road yet this season. Golden State is... Golden State. Guess who I am picking for this game?