Thursday, November 18, 2010


i believe in ghosts

Psychologist Professor Daryl Bem, of Cornell University, has been investigating the idea that some people can see the future before it happens. (paper on precognition)

In one experiment, volunteer students were shown two curtains on a computer screen.

The students were told that one curtain concealed a sexy picture.

The students were asked to choose one of the two curtains to open.

The students chose the curtain hiding the naughty picture more often than can be explained away by chance.

(When non-erotic pictures were used, the hit rate did not deviate from chance.)

The location of the sexy picture was randomly allotted by a computer.

Stunningly, the computer did NOT make its decision on location until just AFTER the student had chosen one curtain or the other.

This could suggest that the students were influencing future events.

Professor Bem carried out nine different experiments involving more than 1,000 volunteers.

All but one experiment suggested that telepathy and precognition do exist.

According to Bem, the odds against the combined result being due to chance, or being a statistical fluke, are 74billion to one.

Which of the following contains a 'sexy' picture?





Can we really see the future?

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