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Sir Edward Grey, UK foreign Secretary in 1914. According to Webster Tarpley (american_almanac/edwgrey.htm, 1995), "Sir Edward Grey Turned The Sarajevo Crisis Into War." Tarpley claims that Grey used ‘perfidy and cunning’ to bring about a world war after the assassination of the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungar Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Who is pulling the strings?

Who controls the world?

The most powerful institution in the world today is most likely the Pentagon, which works alongside the CIA.

There is a US-Pentagon plan for world domination.

The blueprint for US domination of the world was drawn up for Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush and Lewis Libby. (PNAC)

The Roman Empire once looked very powerful.

In the Roman Empire 'there has been a gradual erosion of civil liberties, an increase in the influence of the army, and an acceptance of corruption among public servants. Vast fortunes have been accumulated by a small group who use their wealth to control the Senate.'

And the Roman Empire collapsed, just as the American Empire may collapse.

The people in power today often look like the Mafia.

Kennedy looked powerful.

Financial power?

In 1914, Britain owned 50% of global investment in international businesses.

By 1967, the USA owned 50% of global investment in international businesses. (Economist, 13 November 2010).

Family wealth?

Forbes Magazine, in March 2010, named ( son of Lebanese immigrant ) Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu as the world’s richest man, his wealth being estimated at $53.5 billion.

Hitler looked powerful

"Retired management consultant Gaylon Ross Sr, author of Who's Who of the Global Elite, has been tipped from a private source that the combined wealth of the Rockefeller family in 1998 was approx (US) $11 trillion and the Rothschilds (U.S.) $100 trillion." -
Rothschilds & Rockefellers - Trillionaires Of The World

How accurate is the private source?

"The world has changed around the Rothschilds.

"At one point Nathan Rothschild was the richest man in Britain and probably in the world.

"In today's terms he was wealthier than Bill Gates. But they never gained the foothold in America they needed. The world became corporate. Private banking got left behind.

"Still, the family has moved down only from fabulously rich to enormously wealthy. And they adjusted to the times. They made billions in the 1980s from Margaret Thatcher's privatisations of state-owned industries on which they advised.

"In France after their bank was nationalised by the Socialist president Francois Mitterrand they slowly built a new business which, under Baron David de Rothschild, has risen to the top ranks of the merger and acquisition league tables.

"They have pulled out of retail fund management - into which they went with much fanfare only three years back - and now they are pulling out of oil and gold in favour of the higher-margin areas of private banking and wealth management." - (The Rothschild story: A golden era ends.)

They look powerful

In 2003, Lord Jacob Rothschild emerged as the key figure in the battle for control of Yukos, the Russian oil giant.

The Sunday Times (Rothschild is the new power behind Yukos - Times Online) identified Lord Jacob Rothschild as the secret holder of the large stake in Yukos that was previously controlled by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the oil company’s chairman.

"Rothschild, 67, now controls the voting rights on a stake in Yukos worth almost £8 billion...

"Khodorkovksy has known Rothschild for years through their mutual love of the arts and their support for Russian development via the Open Russia Foundation.

"Rothschild is a multi-millionaire in his own right, with a fortune estimated at £400m.

"He has not been involved with NM Rothschild, the City investment bank, since walking out during a furious row 22 years ago.

"Rothschild went on to build his own investment empire through firms such as RIT Capital Partners, St James’s Place Capital and J Rothshild Assurance."

Has the power of the Rothschilds been overestimated?

Charming Anthony James de Rothschild (born 1977) is Co-managing Director of Brighton based A7 music.

Geography-loving David de Rothschild has spent time in the Ecuadorian rainforest documenting the damage international oil companies have created by drilling the vast oil reserves, and in turn disturbing the natural and social order.

Perhaps the best example of how power operates today is P2.

According to an article at american-buddha (

"In March 1981, the Italian police found a list of the 962 members of P2, the 'fascist' Propaganda Due Masonic lodge, the Grand Master of which was the 'fascist' Licio Gelli.

"The list contained the names of: 3 government ministers, 43 members of parliament, 43 generals, 8 admirals, secret service chiefs, hundreds of top bureaucrats and diplomats, the police commanders of Italy's four largest cities, industrialists and financiers, the editor and publisher of the newspaper Corriere della Sera and 24 other journalists and TV personalities.

"With the help of Masonic cardinals, the lodge 'had turned the Vatican into a money-laundering institution and the lodge was also the strongest branch of the legendary Italian Mafia'."

Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in 'The Other Side of Deception',1994, wrote that Licio Gelli, P-2's Grand Master, was the ally of Mossad in Italy and that Gelli also had a close relationship with the Gladio group.

According to Ostrovsky, Mossad used this Gelli-Gladio alliance for its arms dealings with Italy in the 1980s. ( down with murder inc / Israel, Mossad, Iran and a Nuclear False Flag Attack )

Top people who allegedly had contact with P-2 include Henry Kissinger, Edmond de Rothschild, and David Rockefeller.

Reportedly, Silvio Berlusconi was a P-2 member. ( Silvio Berlusconi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

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