Thursday, January 6, 2011


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John Wheeler worked for the Mitre Corporation.

He was murdered. (DEAD BIRDS AND FISH)

Antifascist Calling has reported on the MITRE Corporation.

The MITRE Corporation, a Virginia-based not-for-profit corporation, was formed in 1958.

It works for the Pentagon.

Nick Turse revealed:

"Right now, researchers are already growing insects with electronics inside them.

"They're creating cyborg moths and flying beetles that can be remotely controlled.

"One day, the U.S. military may field squadrons of winged insect/machine hybrids with on-board audio, video or chemical sensors.

"These cyborg insects could conduct surveillance and reconnaissance missions on distant battlefields, in far-off caves, or maybe even in cities closer to home, and transmit detailed data back to their handlers at U.S. military bases."


"Did a central controller with 'super user' privileges of the command and control systems of the Department of Defense, NORAD, the Air Force, and the FAA, control the aerial attacks of 9/11?

"There is only one agency that has that capability - a little-known private company known as MITRE Corp."

(Is MITRE Corp. The Trojan Horse of 9/11? *)

More on John Wheeler: Twelfth Bough: some problems are unpatriotic


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