Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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The much hated Google deserves to go bust.

Users visiting YouTube today will see a message telling them they MUST link their YouTube account with their Google account.

Here are typical comments from the public (YouTube wants you to link your Google account The Web Services ...):

1. "This is the most idiotic thing Google/YouTube ever did.

"Now, there are thousands of us that cannot access our YouTube accounts anymore.

"This is an absolute train wreck...

"Time for millions of users to leave google and go to another video hosting service like blip.tv

"Many of us are fed up with Google's privacy invasion and data mining, and have gone to Startpage Search Engine

"See you in Hell Google/YouTube."

2. "What a idiocy and arrogance!

"They do not allow direct access to our youtube accounts?!?

"This is playing with users patience...

"I hate it when someone else decides what is better for me...

"Google/youtube it is time to say goodbye."

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3. "I am looking for an alternative.

"This is insulting to me... my account is years old.

"There is no need for Google to know what I do on YouTube aside from tracking my every move.

"Screw them."


"The account linking blip comes in the wake of the site's redesigned user homepage, and coincides with the movement to boycott YouTube today in protest of the website's increasing commercialization." (Google Forces YouTube Account Linking‎)


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