Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sunday Salon... Bloggiesta 4 Continues

It's Sunday! It's also the final day of Bloggiesta 4! So, just for today, instead of a "normal" Sunday Salon with great "books with buzz" and other bookish things, I'm hard at work on the Chick with Books Blog. Have you heard of Bloggiesta 4? I blogged about Bloggiesta 4 this week on tuesday, and was at the Bloggiesta start line early friday morning! Picture a marathon full of bloggers and you'll have an idea what Bloggiesta is all about- over 200 Bloggers getting together virtually to Plan, Edit, Develop, Review & Organize their blogs and helping each other with questions, tips and a general cheering on! Oh, and BTW, our mascot is that little guy in the corner with the yellow sombrero, and his name is "PEDRO". You can follow all the excitement in Twitter with the hashtag #bloggiesta.

I really have learned quite a bit in the html department this weekend, as well as making forms and labels. I've designed a new contest entry form (that I'll be trying out SOON!) that allows everyone to enter their information and send it along to me privately, so that your email isn't available to spammers. PLUS, I created a button on the left sidebar, "Contact Me?", that allows you to send a little note my way (You can try it out if you want, and say hello!- it would also let me know it's working).

Today, I'm working on making a list of my reviews with links to the actual review. Funny how I just never thought of doing that (also it wasn't the easiest thing to do in Blogger until they made "tabs" available for us Bloggers), I had my reviews listed on the side with covers & links, but rotated them. I'm still going to have the most recent and favorite books reviewed on the sidebar, but soon you'll be able to go to the "Reviews" tab on top and find them all there.

So, off I go... I'll be making a wrap-up post to list all the things I checked off of my "to do" list, and sharing links and any tips I learned, just in case you may want to do a thing or two yourself.

*P.S. Here's a little sample of "What I learned at Bloggiesta 4"... Don't be shy... Fill it out and send it to me! When you hit that submit button, only I will see your answers!

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