Monday, October 4, 2010

Kobe whacks the LeBron piñata

Over the past few months, bloggers, coaches, general managers, journalists and even NBA legends have taken turns playing Whack-A-Douche with LeBron for The Decision. It's been like King Crab is a human piñata and his humiliation is sweet, delicious candy.

Of course, all the hate was simply thinly veiled racism. Because when I think of the great racists of our time, guys like Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan immediately spring to mind. It's like that Dave Chappelle skit about the black white supremacist...only for real.

Anyway, Kobe Bryant recently gave a classic LeBron-inspired sound bite. Specifically, that he could beat James in a game of one-on-one. Easily. Without question. In his sleep. With both hands tied behind his back and both feet dunked into buckets of cement.

It's hard to say whether Kobe's proclamation was another racist attack on LeBron...but it does seem reasonably accurate. I mean, Mamba pretty much said what most people were already thinking: Kobe's basic nature is that of a one-on-one gunner, and LeBron is more of a Magic Johnson/Mega Pippen kind of player. Sure, Kobe delivered the message in his usual arrogant cock-bag manner, but that doesn't mean he isn't correct.

Don't forget that LeBron is feeding on all this hate to make himself stronger than ever. Maybe Kobe's comments will make 'Bron grow a third bicep or something. I don't know. But this is just another reason to look forward to the first Heat-Lakers game of the season.

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