Monday, October 11, 2010

Dewey's Nine Lives by Vicki Myron... A Review

The Legacy of Dewey The Small Town Library Cat...

A few weeks ago on Memoir Monday I shared a book about Dewey, the little kitten that someone threw away in a book deposit on one of the coldest days of the year in a small mid western town in Iowa. (Here's the LINK for the review if you missed it!) That book, Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron was read by millions of animal lovers, and if you read it you know how touching the story was. Vicki toured the country to promote her book about Dewey, and in the course of that book tour, people shared their own stories with Vicki, the stories about the cats that they had shared their lives with... Vicki has taken some of those stories and added some new Dewey stories to bring us another wonderful testament to how the love of animals can make our lives better in her new book, Dewey's Nine Lives. Here's the blurb from the publisher...

"Dewey's Nine Lives is compromised of nine inspiring, funny and heartwarming stories about cats told from the perspective of "Dewey's Mom", librarian Vicki Myron. The amazing felines in this book include Dewey, of course, whose further never-before-told adventures and amazing legacy are chronicled, but several others whom Vicki found out about when their owners reached out to her. Vicki learned, through extensive interviews and story sharing, what made these cats special, and how they fit into Dewey's community of perseverance and love. From a divorced mother in Alaska who saved a drowning kitten on Christmas Eve to a post-traumatic-stress disorder-suffering veteran whose heart was opened by his long relationship with a rescued cat, these Dewey-style stories will inspire reades to laugh, cry, and, most important, believe in the magic of animals to touch individual lives."

In the same wonderful way Vicki shared her story of Dewey in her first book, animal lovers, and cat lovers in particular, will enjoy reading Dewey's Nine Lives. I know I did! Her writing style is easy going and relaxing. These are heartfelt stories that will have you hugging your furry friend. And like the people that shared their stories with Vicki along the way, the story of Dewey made me think of and be thankful for the special furry babies I've shared my life with.

There is also a I Believe in "Dewey's Magic" story contest, where you can submit a letter to Vicki telling her about a cat that has inspired you. The winner of the contest will have their story told in the paperback version of Dewey's Nine Lives. You can find all the details about the contest and how to enter at Penguin Books. The book will be available from your local bookstores starting Oct. 12th!

*I want to thank Dutton Publishing for sending along a review copy! Thank you!

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