Monday, October 11, 2010

Basketbawful's Bawful Fantasy

Hello faithful readers! The 2010-11 season its almost upon us, with decisions made and the heat of expectations rising. With so much emotion in the air, why not harness it all into lively smack talk for arbitrary glory?

Introducing, Basketbawful's Bawful Fantasy league! For this first league, we'll use standard scoring and rosters. Compete head to head with this blog's witty writers! Spots are limited, of course, but we can let you jump in for the vets minimum.

Think you got what it takes? Write in the comments why you would like to join. Or write something that makes me laugh in general and you're in. Or if you can guess what the witty league password is, you're in. (I guess by that point you could just log in and make a team, w/e.) Of course we ask for active players this season, to prevent shady Summer-2010-esque free agent collusion and all that.

THE LIVE DRAFT IS CURRENTLY SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16TH AT 9:00 PM EST! That's 6pm PST, 7PM MST, 8PM CST, 5PM AKST, 4PM HST, or whatever other dumb timezone you use! (Draft time subject to change pending massive missed draft responses or Steve Nash getting traded to the Knicks).

Check out the link below, it should be open to view for the public (with a Yahoo ID): (EDIT: ok I have no idea how to make it so everyone can see the results. Possibly after I take off the password.)

In The Spirit Of Stern, Your Humble Commissioner,

P.S. ProTip: chris is drafting Omri in round 6 based on some insider's info!

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