Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Japanese Literature Challenge 4

The Japanese Literature Challenge 4

Another Reading Challenge! I've been looking forward to The Japanese Literature Challenge since last year, when I was introduced to the beautiful prose and slight supernatural elements found in the writing of such Japanese authors as Takuji Ichikawa and Taichi Yamada. Dolce Bellezza is hosting the challenge again welcoming us with open arms into the world of Japanese Literature! There is a review site to post links to the books you've read, and a list of reading suggestions to help us along!

The Challenge is simple... Read one or more works of Japanese Literature between June 1, 2010 and January 30, 2011. Are you up for the Challenge?! I am! Visit Dolce Bellezza to learn more! And in the meantime, I'll be putting the beautiful Challenge Button up on my sidebar and you can click on it to see how I'm doing on the Challenge. I'll post all links to the books I've read for the Challenge here! Want to see how I did last year? You can find out at Japanese Literature Challenge 3. The Challenge didn't nudge me hard enought to read Haruki Murakami, which I wanted to accomplish, but there's always this year!

Happy reading... Suzanne

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