Friday, June 18, 2010

Bawful After Dark: End of the Playoffs

"Say Queensbridge!"

I am devastated. My dad has not cared about the NBA in a decade. The "slow it down and runs isolations every single play" era turned him away and he stuck solely with college ball. (Then the University of Kentucky he adores went into the Tubby Smith Era of clock-burning post-ups and bad jumpers as the shot clock expires, where even Rajon Rondo couldn't make it fun.)

But Dad has always talked about how great Larry Bird was, how sweet Kevin McHale's post moves were, how much fun the Bird/Magic rivalry was, and how fast and exciting the Showtime Lakers were. Considering he usually talked about Bird and the Celtics (which got me into watching the Celtics myself and becoming a fan), it took me by surprise a few days ago when Dad suddenly was rooting for the Lakers!! It turns out he has always been a Lakers fan, but just respected the hell out of Bird and the rest of those 1980s Celtics. And he just never bothered to tell me this, but got to be all excited and happy last night as I turned off the TV at the buzzer and slammed the remote down on the table and walked off in disgust. So, uh, happy Father's Day?

Worst of Game 7 in Pictures:

(What's really going on behind that smile? Here's my best guess...)
"My own son has already won as many NBA championships as his dear old father. This is terrible! A travesty! One of the great injustices of all time! He averaged one point a game in the playoffs! I am ashamed to be his father! I'm not a critic, just a reporter of facts."

Kobe practices his yoga poses instead of practicing his jump shot

Okay, seriously, Celtics own Wyc Grousbeck is kinda creepy looking. He and Mikhail Prokhorov should totally hang out.

Garnett cops a feel of some celebrity manboob

There are so many things wrong with this picture, T.O.

...This picture speaks for itself

Thank you so much for being with us all season. Your comments make it more than worth our effort to bring you an entertaining alternative viewpoint of the NBA. Please make sure you stick with us during the off-season. We've still got plenty to keep you entertained. (Hell, the NBA Draft is Thursday! I will be on vacation and out of town, but you can bet I'll be checking the comments on my Blackberry about that!)

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