Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bawful After Dark: June 10, 2010

Tony Allen must have seen a replay of himself taking a jumper

Fantastically random website of the day: Shaqtion. "Shaqtion replaces these complicated inches and pounds with something that everyone can relate to: Your size, relative to Shaquille O'Neal."

Also, fantastically random video of the day:

Boom! Headshot!

Worst of Game 3 in Pictures:

Doc complains about flopping, but then flops after contact with The Invisible Man. Hypocrite.

And you thought two clutch free throws were the only things Vujacic contributed to Game 3

Okay, seriously, is Luke Walton in on the joke, or is he just that oblivious?

This looks like it'd fit right in a movie in super slow motion.... "Noooooooooo!" (Alternatively, "Baaaaaaaall!")
(via Basketbawful reader Sorbo)

NBA Finals - Game 4:
Lakers at Celtics - ABC, 9:00pm
Lakers lead series 2-1

Alright Celtics, you're only down one game. You barely lost Game 3 despite Ray Allen having a historically bad shooting night and Paul Pierce spending most of his night perfecting his disappearing act for his off-season magic show. Don't stop believing!!!

Uh... on second thought, maybe we need a different motivational method. Hopefully Doc Rivers was working on that when he wasn't developing an actual rotation to develop bench players that would also give his starters valuable rest.

(h/t chris for the video)

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