Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bawful After Dark: June 6, 2010

Apparently ABC advocates watching man love
(h/t Basketbawful reader Dale Cooper)

While it can't be officially announced during the Finals (because the NBA would like to, you know, keep our focus on the actual Finals... *stares in LeBron's general direction*), Tom Thibodeau has reportedly agreed to terms with the Chicago Bulls to be their new head coach. The agreed deal is worth $6.5 million, with two years guaranteed plus a team option. Matt McHale: Technical Writer/Bulls Blogger was understandably excited when I texted him this news yesterday afternoon. While I found it odd I'd know this before he did, he had a legitimate excuse: he was sitting through the Blogs With Balls conference since it was just a few miles down the road from him at Wrigley Field. I saw a couple videos streamed on from this conference. They covered such hard-hitting topics as "is it okay to make jokes like 'Ben Rapelisberger' on your blog?"

FYI, as posed by Bawful in the comments: "By the way, Bawful-ites, I'll be taking part in ESPN's Daily Dime Live chat starting at 6 p.m. EST. I'll be around for at least a couple hours, so feel free to swing by and say hey."

Worst of Game 1 in Pictures:

Paul Pierce is getting ready for the World Cup

Some lucky fan gets to come home with a souvenir imprint of Sheed's right foot on his or her face

Jack is understandably in awe of Lou Adler's pimp attire

Hey, I had that same look on my face a couple times during the game too!

NBA Finals - Game 2:
Celtics at Lakers - ABC, 8:00pm
Lakers lead series 1-0

Immediately after the Game 1 loss, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, and Kevin Garnett went back to their hotel rooms and watched the game over again. (In Garnett's case, he watched it twice in a row) They wanted to see what mistakes buried them in their loss so they could work on them for Game 2. I hope they brought enough notebook paper to take all those notes, 'cause they sure did a lot of things wrong. And hopefully Garnett was able to summon a genie who could grant him three wishes or something, because all the film study in the world isn't going to fix his gimpy knees.

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