Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bawful After Dark: Game 7 Edition

Ah, seeing this picture makes me feel better
(via Andy Gray's SI Vault)

Oh, this is such a great time. NBA Finals Game 7 is tonight, and even if I get my heart broken, I can still look forward to both the rest of the weekend's coverage of the US Open at Pebble Beach, plus I'm going on vacation next week. When I tune into the game tonight, I'll be disappointed (as I always am) when I hear the generic as hell music ABC is using for its "ESPN on ABC" coverage of the NBA. I still naturally long for the NBA on NBC music (Otherwise known as proof that Hell has frozen over at least once in the past, since John Tesh wrote an amazing piece of music). I always got excited just from watching the brief 30 second intro to the game coverage, like this one from the '98 Finals. But at least we don't have to listen to this. (h/t Chris) Meanwhile, in another link passed along by Chris, ESPN's Page 2 is celebrating the end of professional basketball in Louisville, so now I'm just really emotionally confused.

NBA trade news: Dalembert is off to Sacramento. In exchange, the Kings Purple Paupers will give up Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes. The big key to this trade was excellently described by Sorbo: "Phili's in official rebuilding mode. How's this 2010/2011 line-up for the Sixers: Holiday, Iguodala, Nocioni, Brand, and Speights. Good thing you have baseball and hockey, Phili fans." Here's to hoping the draft treats both of these teams kindly (or fails miserably and gives us a lot of material. Either or.)

Good news everyone! Here is your latest NBA Jam for Wii update: NBA Legends characters! Yes, you will be able to play this old school style game with some old school style players if you so desire. Though I'm not sure why you'd want to play as Kevin McHale. It's not like you can actually take advantage of his sweet post moves in this game.

As posted on Deadspin, you absolutely need to behold this piece of NBA apparel -- a chinchilla fur jacket covered with crocodile skin NBA logos. I'm not really sure exactly who is the target market for such an item, but considering it's size XXL, that sort of limits the choices. If it was available in XXXL, Shaq would totally wear one.

You may remember the Name of the Year brackets that started right around the same time as March Madness. As of this month, they have finally named the winner... and the final two choices were kind of a letdown in my opinion. The strongest names in the field got voted out by some remarkably dull ones. (I was rooting for Nohjay Nimpson, God's Power Offor, and Spontaneous Gordon.)

Some brief Footbawful: a Tim Tebow statue? Really? There aren't enough facepalm pictures on the Internet...

And finally, here's a random awful jersey.

Worst of Game 6 in Pictures:

(Insert your favorite tasteless Colorado joke here)

"And STAY down!"

The sense of failure was just too strong, and Tony Allen finally snapped

I can't decide which is worse - Jack's gesture, or that ridiculous facial hair

Apparently Maria Menounos just now realized that actually is collosal douchebag Dane Cook

This is Christina Aguilera's cleavage. You're welcome.

NBA Finals - Game 7:
Celtics at Lakers - ABC, 9:00pm
Series tied 3-3

Can't type... Too nervous... Ugh... I will simply link my fellow Celtics fans to this reassuring post from Jonah Keri (which also features the McHale/Rambis clothesline picture I already had chosen to lead today's BAD post!) that gives us some historical proof that the Celtics still have a shot. ("So you're telling me there's a chance... Yeah!")

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