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Audiobook GIVEAWAY & Review: WAR by Sebastian Junger

Listen to Sebastian Junger Share His Time in Afghanistan in WAR

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In WAR Sebastian Junger gives breathtaking insight into the truths of war-- the fear, the honor, and the trust among men. His on-the-ground account follows a single platoon through a 15-month tour of duty in the most dangerous outpost in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley. Through the experiences of these young men at war, he shows what it means to fight, to serve, and to face down mortal danger on a regular basis.

I thought "who else could see inside War like Sebastian Junger". He proved his journalism skills in The Perfect Storm, which was an amazing story. Here, he accomplishes his mission- to illuminate for us what it means to be a soldier... The fear, the anger, the boredom... The love & respect these men had for each other.

Mr. Junger chose to read his audiobook, War, because the subject matter was personal. He lived with these men. He relied on these soldiers to protect him, feed him, transport him. He formed close relationships with these men. And he saw some of these men, his friends, die. I wondered at first whether this decision to read the narration was a good one. Would he be a good narrator? The beginning of the audiobook is some background on the Korengal Valley, the men he would be imbedded with, and some of the biology of war- how the human body reacts to certain things. I had to get use to the beginning part of the audiobook, because it was more of an account of some of the facts surrounding the story to come. Mr. Junger's narration warmed up as the story got more personal, actually living the life of a soldier, and I knew then that his decision was the right one. Who else could impart the fear, the amazing bravery of these men in the face of death then someone who was actually there. You could tell he was vested in this story. As the background story turned into the present day, War took off. Sprinkled through out the story of what these soldiers dealt with from day to day, is military history, the psychology of war and why soldiers handle certain circumstances the way they do. A close up account of the human factor in war. No matter how you feel about war, you have to admire these young men who put themselves in mortal danger. War by Sebastian Junger is a very revealing look at these young men, and what combat is all about.

Courtesy of Anna of Hachette Book Group, I have 3 copies of the unabridged audiobook of War by Sebastian Junger to Give Away! Here's how to enter...

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*I want to thank Anna of Hachette Book Group for sending along a copy the audiobook of War by Sebastian Junger to review!

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