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Brian has supplied us with more links on Libya:

US fomenting violence in Libya (24 February 2001 -Associated press /

Venezuela and Cuba have both stated that the USA is organising the unrest in Libya to justify an invasion in order to seize oil reserves.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro questioned the truthfulness of media reports on Libya.

"They are creating conditions to justify an invasion of Libya," Maduro said.

Castro has said the unrest in Libya might be a pretext by the US to push for a NATO invasion.

Libyans by anthonyasael

Who are the protesters in Libya? (

The National Conference for the Libyan Opposition was formed in 2005 in London, and is led by the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL).

The most recent National Congress of the NFSL was held in the United States in July, 2007.

The CIA trains and finances the NFSL.

The CIA's Freedom House has agents from Libya.

By mvongrue

PressTV - 'Gaddafi will not flee from Libya'

According to Ali al-Ahmed, director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs:

"Gaddafi ... has a lot of loyalists...

"Unlike other leaders, Gaddafi, himself, does not live a life of luxury...

"He basically lives a fairly simple life and until a month and a half ago he was walking in Tripoli among the people without fear of anybody attacking him. So, he has support within the Libyan society...

"I remember reading a book by Mr. Gaddafi. It was called The Village.

"He wanted to keep Libya basically like a village and maybe that is his own vision to keep the country like a village, because he said the village is purer and does not have the same sins of the city...

"Libya ... is one of the biggest investors in North Africa...

"He has a lot of supporters, who are willing to die for him for sure...

"The fact that he continued to rule for this long tells you that he still has a lot of supporters among the Libyan people...

"Regarding the United States' statement, they have always wanted to make him look bad because he was their enemy."

Two Libyan boys relaxing in Tripoli
Tripoli by Samer M

Voice of Libyan People

"The Voice of the Libyan People had a four year career with broadcasts against Muammar Qadhafi and Libya between 1984 and 1988.

"It was proclaimed as the voice for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL)...

"This group, according to Perry Shultz, established ties with the CIA...

"The station began broadcasting from the Sudan in March 1984 as a psychological warfare tool, just two months before the NFSL attempted a coup. The coup was crushed...

"The CIA planned another covert action, called Flower / Rose, which consisted of an armed NFSL rebellion based in Egypt, Algeria and Chad in 1986...

RM.libya - ACORN Home Page

From 1987-89 Israel and USA were training a "contra force of libyans" in west and central african countries.


"It also appears that the NFSL is already armed to the teeth and waging a military campaign against Qadaffi on the back of US-stoked regional instability.

"Even Qaddafi himself is accusing the West of arming the NFSL in this latest round of Libyan unrest.

"BBC propagandist Jon Leyne's unlikely narrative that Qaddafi's security forces were overwhelmed by unarmed protesters first in Banghazi's city center, then nearly 10 miles to the east at Benina International Airport and a nearby army base defies reality."

MORE HERE: US Libyan Intervention


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