Thursday, February 24, 2011


Entre neumáticos
Memphis, Egypt by bsargentina

On 24 February 2011, at the Christian Science Monitor, we read that ordinary Egyptians wish their revolution had never happened

According to the Christian Science Monitor:

1. In recent weeks, Umm Karim, a mother of four, has only been able to afford one meal per day.

"Her teenage sons both lost their jobs when the factory they worked in burned down in Egypt's revolution."

2. "Some Egyptians are beginning to wish that their own revolution had never happened."

3. "Shaban doesn't know how he is going to find money to feed his children dinner.

"Since the revolution started, he has not had a job."

Shaban wasn't involved in Egypt's protests.

4. In Shaban's town of al-Maraziq, building projects are halted and business ventures have been disrupted.

A mechanic in al-Maraziq says that business has declined.

He now pays more for paints and spare parts.

His 11-year-old nephew now misses going to school.

5. Umm Karim says: "I wish the revolution never happened."


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