Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mercedes Recalling More than 136,000 M-Class SUVs Because Cruise Control May Not Disengage by Braking

Mercedes-Benz ML Seen On
A defect associated with the cruise control system has prompted a U.S. recall of 136,751 units of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and M-Class AMG SUVs from the 2000-2004MY. In a filing to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA], Mercedes-Benz said it has determined that under certain circumstances, use of the brake pedal may not automatically disengage the cruise control system.

More specifically, the German automaker stated that when the driver pumps the brakes instead of applying consistent pedal force, the level of force required to disengage the cruise control might be unusually high. The NHTSA noted that difficulty or delay in disengaging the cruise control system can increase the risk of a crash.

Mercedes-Benz said that drivers should be able to deactivate the system using the cruise control stalk on the steering wheel.

Oddly enough, the recall campaign won’t begin before September 2011. Owners of the affected vehicles may contact Mercedes-Benz for more information at 1-800-367-6372.


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