Friday, January 22, 2010

Bawful After Dark, Weekend Watch - January 22, 2010

Here we see the beginning of Iverson's All Star season this year. Wait, what?

Another week has come and gone here in the Association with plenty of bawfulness for us all to enjoy, but last night's All Star announcements provided the cherry on top of the Basketbawful sundae. Rather than do the usual "Worst Of" pics from last night, instead here are some reactions last night to Allen Iverson's selection as a starter in this year's All Star game:

Nationally Televised Games - Friday:

Lakers at Knicks - Last time the Lakers were in MSG Kobe scored 61 points. After last night's loss to the Crabs, look for him to try to do it again.

Bulls at Suns - When two horrible road teams meet in a game like this, I tend to pick the one that's playing at home, but maybe that's just me.

All the Other Games - Friday:

Kings at Magic - After the Magic's recent slide, consecutive home games against the Pacers and Kings must spell an awful amount of relief for the Magicians.

Mavs at 76ers - You'd think this one would be one-sided, but Dallas needed a last second block to preserve a one point win over Washington the other night, so you never know.

Heat at Wizards Generals Bullets - I wonder if Michael Beasley's gonna make any pre-game predictions about how this should be an easy win for Miami tonight...

Bucks at Craptors - Didn't these teams just play each other on Wednesday? What ad wizard came up with this schedule?

Bobcats at Hawks - As hot as Charlotte has been in 2010 (9-1 so far), they've still got only 3 road wins for the season. In any event, how can you not love Gerald Wallace vs. Josh Smith?

Frail Blazers at Celtics - I figured playing against a beaten up Pistons team the other night would have delivered Boston victory on a silver platter, but since that didn't work maybe a home game against the league's most injury-depleted team will cure what's ailing the C's these days.

Pacers at Pistons - Remember when these two teams got into that huge brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills back in 2004? Keep reminding yourself of that to stay awake if you're one of the unlucky few who ends up watching this tonight.

Hornets at Timberwolves - Time's running out for CP3 to make his case that he should be an All Star this year, and games like this one against one of the worst teams in the league can only help his cause.

Thunder at Grizzlies - Not only are these two of the most exciting up and coming teams in the league right now, but these are also the two youngest teams in the league, and you know what that means - the losers have to go to their room afterward with no supper.

Rockets at Spurs - Expect the cowboy boots and 10 gallon hats to be flying in this one. Fun fact: the projected centers for these two teams tonight stand 6'6" (Chuck Hayes) and 6'7" (DeJuan Blair). What is this, a high school game?

Nyets at Warriors - Both teams play no defense, but New Jersey plays no offense either. This is your Basketbawful Game of the Night.

Nationally Televised Game - Saturday:

Bulls at Rockets - Sweet, two teams on the second night of a back to back playing each other! Since Chicago will almost surely have been blown out the previous night in Phoenix, I'm guessing they'll be the more rested of these two teams in this one.

All the Other Games - Saturday:

76ers at Pacers - In case you've been missing out on the magic that Allen Iverson has been putting on display on the court this season, you'll want to watch this one so you can see why fans everywhere thought he should be in the All Star game!

Magic at Bobcats - As Florida's other team can tell you, beating the Bobcats in Charlotte isn't as easy as it looks.

Thunder at Crabs - Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercrabs Ho! This should give us a look into whether Bill Simmons looks right in his prediction that Kevin Durant will have a better career LeBron James.

Frail Blazers at Pistons - There's probably enough injured players from these two squads to fill out most, if not all, of a full team's roster. Look for a lot of guys in suits on the bench in this one.

Kings at Heat - For Sactown fans everywhere, let's hope the Heat are in full 'Bipolar Girlfriend At That Time of the Month on Crystal Meth' mode for this game.

Timberwolves at Bucks - Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Basketbawful Game of the Night.

Hornets at Nuggets - Anyone remember how New Orleans got beat down by 58 by Denver in the playoffs last year? I'll bet the Hornets do.

Warriors at Suns - I'm willing to bet that just seeing this game on the schedule brings a scowl to Bill Russell's face. If you're a betting man who's placing a wager on this game, my advice is to take the over.

Nyets at Jazz - Bipolar though the Jazz have proven to be, my guess is that even if they're way off their games they can still beat New Jersey.

All the Games - Sunday:

Mavs at Knicks - It's Wizards and Sixers and Knicks, oh my! as Dallas continues the easiest road trip in history.

Clippers at Wizards Generals Bullets - Don't let the short slate of games fool you, this one would be the Basketbawful Game of the Night even if there were 10 other games scheduled.

Lakers at Craptors - Bosh gets a chance to audition for the Lakers in person, just in case those Bynum for Bosh rumors that Peter Vecsey was spreading have any truth to them (doubtful).

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