Monday, January 25, 2010

Bawful After Dark: January 25, 2010

Not Pictured: A very jealous Latrell Sprewell
(via Andy Gray's SI Vault)

Welcome to yet another night of BAD. Unlike the Japanese restaurant I wanted to go to this afternoon for lunch, we are NOT closed on Mondays. (Seriously, what the hell? What restaurant closes on Mondays? I don't just want sushi only on Tuesday through Sunday!)

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm still exhausted from last night's Vikings/Saints game. It's hard work watching the ball bounce around that much after eighteen fumbles in one game. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm still exhausted from last night's Vikings/Saints game. It's hard work watching the ball bounce around that much after eighteen fumbles in one game. To help you relax, watch the amazing video in this Deadspin post.

In news that's sure to make Scottie Pippen happy, Gary Coleman is in jail. Be sure you aren't eating or drinking anything when you check out his mugshot; I don't want to feel responsible if you choke to death.

Anyhow, lots and lots of bawful pictures from the past three days, so let's get right into it with another Caption This.

Worst of the Weekend in Pictures:
20100122-allen-iverson Caption This!
Post your best caption in the comments

20100122-nyets-bench Another Nyets loss, another sad Nyets bench photo

20100123-ric-flair Woo!

20100124-david-lee "Noooo! Come back, ball!"


(Scrolls up one picture) Hey, didn't we just see this same exact pose?


The last time I saw this pose, 1) a girl was in the middle, 2) there was significantly less clothing involved, and 3) I had to confirm I was over 18 years old to view the picture


Derek Fisher can't wait for the figure skating part of the winter Olympics!


"Are we losing to the Pacers?"
"Yes, we're losing to the Pacers."


Nice fashion statement, Gerald Wallace


The many faces of Don Nelson

Nationally Televised Games:
Crabs at Heat: King Crab and Dwyane "My First Name HAS To Be A Typo" Wade match up very evenly in most of their head-to-head games. However, this IS the "Bipolar Girlfriend At That Time of the Month on Crystal Meth" Heat we're talking about. The scores in their most recent games? 113-83 win, 104-65 loss, 112-88 win, and 115-84 win.

All The Other Games:
Pacers at 76ers: You mean this game isn't being nationally televised?? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say! Both of these teams are still somewhat in playoff contention in the East! (You know, despite being nowhere close to .500)

Clippers at Celtics: So, KG's back. (I even got to watch him beat the Frail Blazers this weekend thanks to the League Pass free trial. Anybody want to pony up the money to get me a subcription to that thing? Thanks in advance.) But does it really matter? Quick algebra quiz for you: Find the value of X if the Clippers + on the road + are who we thought they were = X.

Magic at Grizzlies: Ten straight home victories by the Grizzlies? Holy crap. If anybody here saw that coming before the start of the season, please raise your hand. And then put it right back down because you're friggin' lying and you know it.

Hawks at Rockets: Houston has won 16 of their last 17 against the Hawks. Dang. This should be a good one, however, as the Hawks are playing well right now thanks to Jamal Crawford's bench play.

Bulls at Spurs: This Spurs team makes me want to start drinking like Vin Baker whenever I see them go from looking solid for a couple games to absolutely shitting the bed for a five game stretch. Play just a little defense, please??

Bobcats at Nuggets: Charlotte is right at .500 heading into this game, but is 3-16 on the road. Really? Really?? Even worse, they haven't beaten a Western team on the road yet this season, and their next six games are all part of a Western road trip. Ouch.

Suns at Jazz: Speaking of being awful on the road, the "Defense? Running to get into position? Hand in the face? Pfft!!!!" Suns haven't taken a road game since late November. And considering the Jazz are pretty damn solid at home and are playing great on offense right now... Yeah...

Hornets at Frail Blazers: I was going to preview this game, but I strained a hamstring, dislocated a kneecap, and broke a foot just typing Portland's team name.

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