Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"Welcome back, sir," General Petraeus said to Robert Gates as the latter arrived in Afghanistan.

They were apparently unaware of an open microphone.

"You gonna launch some attacks on Libya or something?"

Gates replied: "Yeah, exactly".

Libya: General Petraeus jokes about bombing Libya

Less than 12 years ago, NATO bombed Yugoslavia.

Kosovo was taken from Serbia.

NATO backed Hashim Thaci and his 'Kosovo Liberation Army'.

Thaci's lot are linked to the trade in heroin and body parts, and to al Qaeda.

There are signs that NATO "is gearing up for another victorious little 'humanitarian war', this time against Libya."

Libya: Is This Kosovo All Over Gain?

Remember the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia?

"According to Human Rights Watch, at least 500 civilians were killed by NATO bombing; the Yugoslavian government claimed that 2,000 civilians were killed.

"NATO repeatedly dropped cluster bombs into marketplaces, hospitals, and other civilian areas." (Cached )

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