Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bawful After Dark: March 8, 2011

Come on, T-Wolves. You got dominated by this guy? Really??

Fake Twitter accounts can be hit or miss, but I hold high hopes for the new Fake Tom Thibodeau account based on this gem: "Caught behind the K Love Dbl Dbl hoopla, yesterday Eddy Curry broke his own record. Two Dbl cheese burgers a day for 1648 consecutive days."

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Blake Griffin is so badass he needs two escorts

Joel Przybilla employs the bearhug defensive strategy

Clippers Bobcats Basketball
5-time NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson is all about winning. Why the hell was he at a Clippers/Bobcraps game???

Sad trombone? Yeah, sad trombone.

Nationally Televised Games:
Frail Blazers at Heat, NBA TV, 7:30pm: Yeah, we already used this earlier today in the WOTN. But damnit, it's worth seeing again, so here it is: the 2011 Miami Heat Clutch Reel.

All The Other Games:
Lakers at Hawks, 7pm: Here's a fantastic post from Kid Canada: Ron Artest ups his game to out-crazy Charlie Sheen. We can only hope.

Warriors at Cadavers, 7pm: Wow, this is a depressing game. I wish we could go back in time to when the Warriors actually mattered... What's this? Saturn's ice-covered moon Enceladus generates 15.8 gigawatts of heat power?. Great scott! It could go to 1955 and back six times if it rotated at 88mph! BRB, go watch the Warriors win the NBA championship.

76ers at Pacers, 7pm: The Sixers are 8-2 over their last 10 games. Are we really sure this is the same team that started the season losing game after game? Or did they get replaced by pod people who can actually ball?

Bucks at Wizards Generals, 7pm: Jeez. I swear, these Bucks games are unwatchable. You'd be better off watching this dude play Enter Sandman on a ukulele.

Rockets at Suns, 9pm: It's the Aaron Brooks/Goran Dragic post-trade showdown we've all been waiting for!!

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