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John Lennon

According to Albert Goldman, in his book The Lives of John Lennon (John Lennon.):

In Hamburg, Lennon, and his friend Pete Best, mugged, beat and robbed a drunken German sailor.

Lennon told friends he had beaten another sailor and left him for dead in the street.

In 1963, John Lennon beat and kicked Bob Wooler, the little disc jockey at the Cavern Club.

Lennon then hit Wooler repeatedly with a shovel.

Wooler had made a jokey remark about Lennon's gay lifestyle.

Bystanders rescued Wooler who was then paid to remain quiet about his broken ribs.

In 1960, the Beatles got a booking at a jazz club in Hamburg's red-light Reeperbahn district. (Philip Norman, Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation)

At that time, the Beatles "were always high on a drugs."

"John (Lennon), would be foaming at the mouth, he'd have so many pills inside him...John, began to go berserk on stage, prancing and groveling..."

The real Beatles.

Ray Coleman quotes John Lennon as saying, "I've sold my soul to the Devil." (Coleman, Ray, Lennon)

The controversial Dr. John Coleman has written that the Beatles were a creation of the Tavistock Institute and were used as a vehicle to promote the acceptance of drugs.

According to Joseph Niezgoda's The Lennon Prophecy, A New Examination of the Death Clues of the Beatles, John Lennon and the Beatles were involved with Satanism.

Albert Goldman’s 'The Lives Of John Lennon' (1988) claimed that John Lennon had a gay affair with The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, during a four-day holiday in Barcelona in April 1963. (Cached)

It also refers to a number of relationships which Lennon reportedly had with other men.

Goldman claims that Lennon visited underage boy prostitutes in Thailand.

When Epstein went into a London rehab centre, Lennon sent him flowers and the message, “You know I love you . . . I really mean that. John.”

The death of Epstein came just before the end of Lennon’s marriage to Cynthia.

Philip Norman has written 'John Lennon: The Life'.

According to Philip Norman, John Lennon wanted a gay relationship with Paul McCartney.

McCartney admits he often shared a bed with Lennon.

Philip Norman quotes Yoko as saying that people in the Apple office referred to McCartney as 'John’s princess'.

From Philip Norman we learn that John Lennon worshipped 'with a quasi-sexual intensity' the Beatles’ first bassist Stu Sutcliffe. (John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman - The Sunday Times review ...)

Lennon wrote letters to Sutcliffe 'similar in length and tone, he claimed, to the ones he later sent Yoko'.



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