Saturday, September 18, 2010

GoD And DoG by Wendy J Francisco... A Review

Wendy Francisco's sweet little book, GoD and DoG, is a testament to the unconditional love of both God and our furry four legged companions. If you are fortunate to share your love with a dog, you will not be able to resist this book! If you are an animal lover, you will understand the special relationship Wendy illustrates here. I wouldn't characterize Wendy's book as "religious" because of her references to God, but inspirational. With sparse, but heartfelt words, GoD and DoG is charming and expresses what every dog lover knows...

"I take it hard... each time I fail. but God forgives... Dog wags his tail."

Originally a YouTube Video of Wendy's cute animated illustrations and accompanied by her original song,
GoD and DoG became a huge sensation with over 2 million views! Now, Wendy's song and illustrations are put down on paper, along with the sheet music for the song, and we can all be thankful, because it is simply wonderful. I just love this book! 48 pages that will swell your heart with happiness.

I want to thank Anna of
Hachette Book Group for sending along a review copy to me of GoD and DoG, which is available now from your local book seller! A perfect gift for someone special or just for yourself! Enjoy the YouTube Video of GoD and DoG and let me know what YOU think!

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