Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flintstones-related bawful

tag tat
I look for any reason to re-post Greg Ostertag's Fred Flintstone tattoo.

Thanks to the wonders of Google, I noticed that today marks the 50th anniversary of The Flintstones. That, of course, gave me a perfect reason to re-post Greg Ostertag's wicked-awesome Fred Flintstone tat, which ranks second only to Brad Miller' Scrappy Doo tattoo in the all-time list of "Ridiculous Tattoos on White NBA Players."

Third place? Jason William's White Boy knuckle tat. Or Whit Eboy, depending on how you look at it. Classic.

Anyway, while we're here, I might as well post some more Flintstones-related bawful. For instance, take this video from the old NES Flintstones game. This is the kind of crap -- along with abominations like Deadly Towers -- that made me fear electricity during my teens.

Seriously, wouldn't you love to see Fred and Enemy
as playable characters in the new NBA Jam game?

(Random aside: Back in the day, my buddy Statbuster actually gave me Deadly Towers as a birthday gift. You have to understand that, in the early 1990s, receiving a video game as a gift from a friend was virtually unheard of. I was shocked and honored. Until I put that thing into my Nintendo. Jamming a live rat full of rabies into the console would have been more humane and far less dangerous to my psyche. The best part? Statbuster refuses to admit this ever happened. He literally wiped it from his memory. I should probably do the same.)

Then there are these super-cool Flintstones-inspired Nike high top shoes. Really, Nike? Really? If I wore these to my pickup league, I think even the most passive person there would be compelled to beat me to a gruesome and bloody death with my own footwear. And I would thank them for it.

flintstone shoe
Only $109.99 on eBay! What are you waiting for??

Happy birthday, Flintstones.

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