Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Secrets of a Christmas Box... A New Christmas Favorite & a Review!

"From the start of December,

to Christmas Eve night,

one chapter an evening,

wrapped up with delight."

Secrets of a Christmas Box by Steven Hornby is a charming, wonderful story that will have you smiling as you turn the pages reading the adventures of Larry, Debbie and Splint, ornaments that come to life after the lights are turned off and the family goes to sleep...

"In the secret world of the Christmas 'Tree-Dwellers', Larry, a glass snowman, wakes up from the long sleep in the Christmas box, to find his brother is missing from the tree. With friends, he escapes into the house to search for him, and embarks on a series of fantastical adventures."

After the Christmas box comes out and the ornaments are all put on the tree, the fantastic world of the Tree-Dwellers comes to life. Slowly the ornaments wake up from their seasonal sleep and a huge celebration is begun. New ornaments are welcomed and old friends share a pine needle or two for treats. It is pure delight as we peek into the world of the ornaments, at the dangers of breaking if they fall off the tree, or the need to remember their 'bedtime branch', so the family doesn't know they moved from where they placed them! You'll be looking at your Christmas tree a little differently after reading this fantastic tale!

The book is divided into 24 chapters, so you can read one chapter a night starting Dec.1st and ending Christmas Eve. It is well written, with cute illustrations spread throughout and a wonderful story to read together as a family. It just warmed my heart to read it as Larry, Debbie and Splint show us the true meaning of friendship & the importance of family...

Start a new family tradition with the reading of Secrets of a Christmas Box during the month of December! And feel the magic of the season that Steve Hornby created in a little story that will touch your heart.

Growing out of my childhood, I remembered trying to hold onto those magical feelings I only got at Christmas time, the warm fuzziness in my stomach and the giddy excitement of knowing Santa Claus would soon be arriving... I wanted to create a world that captured those magical feelings I had as a child, but also include a sense of what Christmas means to me today, every time I open up that wonderful Christmas box.” Steven Hornby

Would you like to read an excerpt of Secrets of a Christmas Box? Here's a sample... it's Chapter Nine! And I want to especially thank Golriz Fanai of Ecky Thump Books, who send me the review copy of this wonderful book! Thank you Golriz! It was magical!

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