Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Secret Santa Gift Arrived! ...Book Bloggers Holiday Swap

My Secret Santa Gift Arrived!!

There was a special package in my mailbox yesterday! It was from my Secret Santa! The Book Blogger Holiday Swap is an annual Secret Santa gift exchange between book bloggers, now in its third year. In November we submit our names and the wonderful bloggers who organize the swap email your Secret Santa recipient. Then the fun begins! Of course all of us bloggers read a LOT, so choosing a bookish gift may seem daunting, but we secretly search the reading lists and blogs of our recipients and have fun buying for that special person!

MY Secret Santa was Becky from! I LOVED what Becky sent me for my gifts! First she picked out a book, Beg, Borrow, Steal, a writers life by Michael Greenberg! A perfect gift! First our town had read this past Sept. Michael's book Hurry Down Sunshine for our One Book One Community read and I had wanted to read this newest book of his! And secondly I love memoirs and this book is about his life and "the life" of a writer! And Becky also gave me a beautiful journal! The binding makes it look just like a book when it's on a shelf! There's also a nice leather bookmark that is sewn into the binding so I won't lose my place or the bookmark! I look forward to writing all my bookish thoughts in it!

Here's a photo of my gifts...

What's also nice about the Book Bloggers Holiday Swap is meeting new bloggers. I had never 'met' Becky before, but after a nice note enclosed in my special package I was able to find her blog and enjoyed "getting to know her" through her writing (which is great) and her posts! I'll be emailing her now to say a Thank you! and a hello!

Happy Holidays! Suzanne

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