Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bawful After Dark: March 10, 2011

20110309-earl-boykinsIs Earl Boykins attempting to breakdance, or QWOPing?

Ah, college. Choking away a lead that Bill James would consider essentially insurmountable. Complete and total basketbawful.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

20110309-chris-kaman-nenad-krsticChris Kaman: Amateur Chiropractor

20110309-lance-stephenson-anthony-randolph"Man, your jersey is so fresh! What fabric softener is that?"

20110309-tracy-mcgrady-john-kuesterYeah, pretty much.

20110309-nenad-krsticI think we can all understand why Nenad Krstic is not happy

20110309-deandre-jordanI think DeAndre Jordan just made Dick Bavetta crap his pants

Nationally Televised Games:
Lakers at Heat, TNT, 7pm: Devastating news for Heat fans -- Zydrunus Ilguaskas plans to retire after this season. Oh no! What will they ever do without him??

Knicks at Mavericks, TNT, 9:30pm: What's Chauncey Billups' status, coach Mike D'Antoni? "When he's ready, he's ready." Okay then. A graduate of the Ivan Drago School for Public Speaking I see.

All The Other Games:
Nuggets at Suns, 10:30pm: All offense, all the time. It's going to be like watching a couple teenagers playing NBA 2K11, running the floor and taking shots early in the clock every possession.

Excellent video worth watching: behind the scenes of Steve Nash's "Where Amazing Happens" commercial.

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