Saturday, March 26, 2011

1978 Volkswagen Beetle Jubilee with Only 40 Miles on the Odo up for Auction

Volkswagen Seen On

Volkswagen Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.usIf there’s one car that has withstood the test of time, that’s the original Volkswagen Beetle. And even though more than 21 million Bugs were built between 1938 and 2003, it’s not often that you stumble upon a pristine example with only delivery mileage on the odometer.

The one you see pictured above is a 1978 Beetle Jubilee with a mere 40 miles on the clock that has never been registered. It’s up for sale by UK-based CVA Auctions.

"It is a 1200cc silver Jubilee model with a silver plaque stating it's car number 214 of the last 300,” CVA Auctions boss Jim Ronan told uk.Autoblog. “It is in great condition as you would expect and we have all the relevant documentation should someone wish to put it on the road."

The auction house’s boss said that buyers from all over the world were interested in the car.

"I think it will go to a serious collector or maybe even a museum. In my opinion, registering it would devalue it. I'm really not sure what it will go for," he added.

Source: CVA Auctions via uk.Autoblog


Volkswagen Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.usVolkswagen Seen On

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