Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is Finally Found...

Mystery, Codes & Secrets... Found at a bookstore near you today!

Dan Brown's much-anticipated and slightly controversial follow-up to The Da Vinci Code was released today! In "The Lost Symbol," symbolist Robert Langdon is on a mission to find a Masonic pyramid containing a code that unlocks an ancient secret to "unfathomable power." It's a story of hidden history in the nation's capital.

History, ancient symbols, hidden chambers & tunnels... The Masons, a kidnapping, & a sexy girl... All of that plus our favorite Dan Brown hero, Robert Langdon, (did I also mention a terrific villain?) is what makes The Lost Symbol the book we all want to read! And with an initial printing of 5 million copies everyone should get a chance. With rave reviews, lots of press and the top ranked pre-order on Amazon.com, The Lost Symbol is destined to be a big hit...

The DaVinci Code was heaped in controversy with the Catholic Church calling it heretical, but The Lost Symbol has its own bit of controversy - the Kindle kind. Random House initially was on the fence about releasing a Kindle version of The Lost Symbol - afraid that the lower price ($9.99) for the digital version would divert sales away from hardcover sales. Fortunately for Kindle readers Random House chose to release the digital version and on the same day as the hardcover! This isn't the end of the debate about digital books either - publishers seem to feel that if people can buy the Kindle version for $9.99, no one will be buying the hardcover at $20. We've debated the Kindle versus "the paper" book here before. People, including myself, love 'real' books! What do you think? Will there be piles and piles of hardcover books collecting dust in your local bookstore all because of a little piece of plastic?

For now, though, we have a choice! Even though I love my Kindle, I bought that hefty 509 page Dan Brown book today in HARDCOVER! How about you?!

**Here's the link to the Kindle Version!

Happy reading...

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