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Allyson Roy Virtual Book Tour for Babydoll AND Giveaway!

Allyson Roy Virtual Book Tour for Babydoll
**And NOW a Giveaway!

And the winner is.... Elaine! Congrats Elaine! She has won a signed copy of Babydoll! And a Big Thank You to EVERYone who joined in on the fun!

Please join me in welcoming the "authors" Allyson Roy, to Chick with Books! Allyson Roy translates into Alice & Roy, husband and wife collaborating authors.

Roy, a graduate of the University Of The Arts in Philadelphia, has a background in theater, art and standup comedy. Alice, dancer/choreographer/teacher, double majored in dance and philosophy at the State University of New York. They spent many gypsy years living and working in the different neighborhoods of New York City and Philadelphia. Aside from being marriage and writing partners, they are also best friends, which is reflected in the heartfelt, go-the-distance friendship of their two main characters. And those two main characters are friends Benita Morales and Saylor Oz. The newest chapter in their friendship is Babydoll by Allyson Roy and is a bundle of fun....

About the Book... Combining wacky humor with gritty, urban suspense and a dash of romance, BABYDOLL is the second book in the Madcap Noir Saylor Oz mystery series set in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood. Three dead fashion models. A womanizing agent on the hunt for virgin talent. A daredevil boxer turned high-rise window washer. A burned out porn actress with a grudge. A pretty boy Irish illegal who’s good with a knife. A world famous lawyer with a bad case of self-importance. It would all be just another tabloid headline to Saylor Oz — except the young Nuyorican artist wrongly convicted of the killings is the brother of Benita Morales, her best friend. Height-challenged, warmhearted oddball, Saylor Oz, is convinced someone is reenacting murders from an old, X-rated movie called Bad, Bad Babydoll. But no one else thinks so, not even the sexy PI on the case. In her hunt to find the killer, Saylor ends up being part of a young genius designer’s zany plan to tweak the fashion world — and becomes the killer’s next target.

What Did I Think? I loved Saylor and the book! Saylor is a feisty fun character! How could you not like her- she's a sex therapist who trips over her own words and get's into the most interesting predicaments! And the story was so much fun! Alice & Roy refer to Babydoll as 'Madcap Noir, where crime, comedy and romance meet' and it certainly does! From the opening scene where Saylor tries to have the hunk of a PI watch a porn movie with her strickly for proving her point that it's a clue to the recent murders of 3 top models to her best friend Benita's pet mynah bird, Uncle Petey, reciting some key phrases from that movie, Babydoll is entertaining. The romance is hot, the writing is great and the story is a lot of fun! We really get an "education" along with the great storyline because even though Saylor is on the move to solve these murders to free her friend Benita's accused brother from jail, she just can't shake her day job as a sex therapist which tends to pop up in whatever she's doing! Think of Saylor as Stephanie Plum with added "heat"! This is the second book in the Saylor Oz mysteries. The first was Aphrodisiac, and I look forward to reading that and future books in this series!

Now onto our guests.... Alice and Roy!

When readers find out Allyson Roy translates into a husband and wife team named Alice and Roy they always ask us how we manage to blend two separate personalities into one voice -- and do it without killing each other. But the truth is, we’re all about blending opposites. In our Saylor Oz series we crossbreed suspense with wacky comedy, and we mix urban crime with fun, sexy girl stuff. While our two main characters are strong, confident professional women, they’re also insecure, vulnerable screw-ups who get themselves in over their heads. And, like the two of us, they bicker, banter and blame, but when it comes down to the real stuff they are deeply loyal and willing to put their lives on the line for each other.

In our writing process our opposite strengths and shortcomings fit together nicely. While Alice dreads facing the blank page, Roy is eager to step into it. Roy is inventive and impulsive by nature, so he gets down first draft ideas. Alice has a much longer attention span and an eye for detail and structure, so she moves in next. We’ve dubbed this system: the Marines and the Village Maker. In the final stages we work together and never consider a scene finished until we both approve it. And, yes, we do have areas where one of us dominates. Alice usually writes thex scenes, while Roy handles much of the comic dialogue.

Meanwhile, here’s a short quiz to see if you could write a book with your significant other. Are you ready?

You have a deadline, and the two of you have been working for hours in your home office. You encounter the following situations . . .

1. You’ve motored through all the snacks in the house and there’s only one piece of chocolate left. You say:

a. Go ahead, sweetie. Enjoy.

b. What say we split it?

c. Yo! That’s got my name on it. Touch it and I’ll break your fingers.

2. You’ve been focused on the same difficult scene for so long, Partner A keeps drifting into idle chatter about diverse subjects. You say:

a. You have such a fascinating array of knowledge. It’s one reason I love being around you.

b. Interesting info, honey. How about we save it for break.

c. Back on task, Bonzo. Like I give a rat’s buttocks about your new electronic golf ball retriever.

3. For obvious reasons, writers run the risk of becoming sedentary creatures. So when it’s time to work out, you say:

a. Gee, I love training side by side with you. Couples who sweat together, stick together.

b. Guess we better hit the gym.

c. Tennis time, Fatty. Twenty bucks says I can whip your sorry butt.

4. The section you’ve been working on all week has to be totally revised. You say:

a. Not a problem. We can do it, thanks to our being able to work so efficiently in a state of complete and unspoiled harmonious unity.

b. So we goofed. We’ll hit it out of the park next time at bat.

c. Don’t look at me, Slobbo. That dumbass part was your bogus idea.

Time’s Up! Correct answers found on page 321. Printed in reverse! Use a mirror.

Thanks, Suzanne, for having us as your guests today.

And thank you Alice and Roy for letting us in on how you two work so well together! And creating a fun quiz for us to see if we could work with our significant others!

Like to learn more about Allyson Roy? Visit their website HERE! Like to read an excerpt from Babydoll? Here's a LINK! You'll also find all sorts of fun information at their website HERE. Both Babydoll & Aphrodisiac are now available from your favorite bookstore!

**Guess what?! Allyson Roy, (aka Alice & Roy), decided to treat the readers of Chick with Books with a special giveaway for a signed copy of Babydoll! Thanks Allyson Roy! We love giveaway's here and appreciate the special treatment!

To Enter this Giveaway...

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This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents! (No P.O. Boxes, please) Contest ends 11:59 pm EST on Sept. 26th. I'll randomly pick the winner the next day and email that person. Please check your email... winner must reply to me within 3 days... Good luck everyone!

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** P.S. Babydoll is Kindle Ready! So is Aphrodisiac!

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