Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Bookish Ben & Jerry Flavor Movement!

A Library Themed Ben & Jerry's Flavor Movement!

What's one of the best treats in the summer? Ice Cream of course! As you're on vacation, walking along the boardwalk, out in your yard and hear the familiar jingle of an ice cream truck somewhere near, ice cream is BIG in the summer. What's your favorite flavor? Being a bookish person, would you like to try a bookish flavor? Say Rocky Read? I recently read in The New Yorker online magazine about a Facebook group called "People for a library-themed Ben & Jerry's flavor!". By July 21st the group had 4000 members! Here's the blurb from their Facebook page:

The Logic Behind This:

(1) Libraries are awesome;

(2) Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is tasty;


(3) A library-themed Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream would be tasty awesome.

Some of the great suggestions are:

Gooey Decimal System: Dark fudge alphabet letters with caramel swirls in hazelnut ice cream.

Sh-sh-sh-Sherbert!: Key Lime or chocolate/vanilla combination

Rocky Read: Vanilla with chocolate covered nuts, chocolate chunks and raisins.

The New Yorker also got in on the fun suggesting some other tasty flavors:

Chick Lit: Fat-free Peach Mango swirl with pieces of Chicklet chewing gum.

Over-Goo Fudge: Chocolate with marshmallow and fudge.

What do you think?! What bookish flavors can you come up with? Share your suggestions here!

*P.S. If you want to make a suggestion to Ben & Jerry's here's the LINK to the Suggest-A-Flavor page!

Happy Reading...(and eating!)


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