Friday, August 7, 2009

Amazing Private Libraries...

3600 Square Feet of Book Storage Envy...

We've discussed book storage here before... but look at this man's shelves! Wow! This is the library of's founder Jay Walker. Beautiful Etched glass, special lighting and look at those beautiful book shelves!

Jay Walker's New England house was designed specifically for his massive collection of books and other wonders (including original Sputnik 1 satellite! mounted from the ceiling)... " To create the space, which was constructed in 2002, Walker and architect Mark Finlay first built a 7-foot-long model. Then they used miniature cameras to help visualize what it would be like to move around inside. In a conscious nod to M. C. Escher (whose graphics are echoed in the wood tiling), the labyrinthine platforms seem to float in space, an illusion amplified by the glass-paneled bridges connecting the platforms"

To see more amazing photos of Jay Walker's library, follow this link to Wired, where you can learn more about what's in the library too! P.S. this was the first time the press was allowed inside his library, usually reserved by invitation only!

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