Monday, June 15, 2009

Math for Readers...

Math for Readers....a.k.a. "The Book Hook"

I recently came across a "conversation" about reading books... and what you do when you just don't like what you're reading. An elderly woman (she was 82) remarked that at her age she doesn't have time to waste on books she's not enjoying. SO, she has a little mathematical equation that she applies to any new book she starts to read!

Here it is:
  1. Subtract your age from 100
  2. The number you get after subtracting your age from 100 is how many pages it should take for your book to hook you.
So at 82, if our friend isn't hooked by page 18 (100 - 82) She put's it down. Could you do this? Or do you have to finish a book you start no matter?

Personally I hate to not finish a book, although there have been moments.... What about you? Is there a book you put down? And what do you think of Math for Readers?

Happy reading......

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