Friday, April 3, 2009

Do You Pod?

I'm not necessarily talking about the iPod ( but I do it with one), I'm talking about listening to podcasts! I know how we all love reading books here, but don't we all love talking about books too? I am always asking people what they are reading (yes, even strangers) and have found so many books to put on that reading list. I remember being on vacation in Cape Cod one summer and a woman was so engrossed in a book I had to interrupt her and ask what it was. The book was Bridget Jone's Diary by Helen Fielding which I absolutely loved and I would never had picked it out myself because at that point in my life it was all mysteries, mysteries, mysteries.

Thru the wonder of the internet we can sit back, relax and listen to some great author interviews and book reviews via a podcast - all for FREE! If you're new to the world of podding, a podcast is a digital media file that you can download off the web. It can be either audio or video, but let's talk about audio for now.... If you have iTunes you can check out podcasts thru their store under the heading Arts and then Literature (don't worry- still free and Downloading iTunes is free too, for your PC or Macintosh) Once you find some podcasts that interest you, you can subscribe to them and any new interviews (episodes) will automatically download for you into your iTunes podcast folder. No iTunes? That's ok, you can simply go to the websites directly and download the podcasts from there. How to find them? iTunes makes it easier, but a simple Google search under book review podcasts will give you quite a selection. So what do you do with these podcast's once you download them? I put them on my iPod and listen to them while in the car or where ever turning the page isn't convenient. You can also listen to them on your computer while your doing other work, just like listening to music....

So many podcasts, so little time... here are some of my favorites:

Books on the Nightstand
"illuminating conversations about books and reading", Michael Kindness & Ann Kingman are friends who just happen to work for Random House. Their podcast isn't related to their employer, but they have some great insights because of what they do for a living. And they always have great recommendations! They don't really review the books- they talk about the books. This really is my all time favorite podcast- if you just pick one, this is it!

Nancy Pearl Book Reviews
Nancy Pearl is a well known Seattle librarian, who has become famous not because of her radio and TV programs, but because of her book Book Lust, recommended reading for every mood, moment, and reason. A fun book arranged by what you are in the mood for. These podcasts are short, usually under 10 minutes and are reviews of current reads.

World Book Club
This is a monthly podcast presented by Harriett Gilbert, a literary editor, writer and teacher who launched the World Book Club in 2002. These are wonderful interviews usually held in a group setting where people from the audience can ask questions. Plus, YOU can write in questions for the author ahead of time thru the website and may get your question answered! People from around the world also call in during the show to ask questions. The author also reads from one of his/her recent published works.

So there you have it, other great ways to find new reads.... How do you find new reads? Leave a comment and let me know! Plus, try one of these podcast's out and let me know what you think! BTW, podding isn't just limited to podcasts, there are also Podiobooks, but that's for another posting....

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