Monday, April 20, 2009

Awards! Awards!

Bloggers are a friendly bunch! We love to write, we love to read... We appreciate the writing of other bloggers too! And I've just been awarded the Premio Dardos award! This award is for bloggers who distinguish themselves for showing cultural values, ethics, great and fun writing skills, as well as individual values, through their creative writing.

I was surprised and thrilled that I was nominated by 2 of my favorite bloggers! A Huge thank you to fantaghiro23, who's blog is called Coffeespoons. Fantaghiro23 is a Mom, teacher and avid reader from the Phillippines with a wonderful blog filled with reviews and reading tidbits.

Another Huge thank you to Book Pusher, who's blog is called The Genteel Arsenal. Book Pusher is a mom, wife and animal lover who works in a kids library in Australia and her love of reading shows thru in her blog.

The rules of the award:
1. To accept and show the distinct image
2. Show the link to the blog from which you were given the award
3. Choose 15 blogs to give the Dards Award (Premio Dardos).

My awardees:

1. Michele of A Readers Respite
2. Jo of Ink & Paper
4. Erotic Horizon of Erotic Horizon
6. Lynn of Lynnat40
7. Debbie of Debbie's World
8. BookWormz of BookWormz Reader
9. Lori of Lori's Book Den
10. Ms. Ulat Baku of Ulat Baku in the City
11. Alyce of At Home With Books

Thank you again for the nomination! And please check out these other wonderful blogs because they are all worth the time! Just click on the blog name and a link will take you right to their blog!

Happy Reading....

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