Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Kindle Korner and The Nook... plus a new Kindle application!

Barnes & Noble throws the gauntlet down to Amazon!
"The Nook" challenges The Kindle
And Amazon fights back with lower pricing and a new application!

The Nook by Barnes & Noble is an eReader that offers real competition to The Kindle... especially if you love your Kindle. Although I haven't actually seen one yet, only the photos all over the internet, it looks very similar to the Kindle... A slim ergonomically designed eReader that will be comfortable to hold in your hand, with page turning buttons right where you want them - where your thumb is resting already.

There are a few BIG differences between The Nook and The Kindle though such as,

*The Nook can display texts in PDF and ePub format. ePub is a new standard format supported by numerous publishers who make e-books. That means you aren't limited to just what Barnes & Noble sells.

*The Nook will have both 3G and WiFi built in.

*The Nook will have a 3.5 inch color touchscreen LCD on the bottom of the reader. You can see your eBooks that you own in full color covers, and can browse thru them at the touch of your finger. (similar to Apple's cover flow). And you can shop for eBooks the same way.

*There already will be 2GB storage for 1500 books, but if that isn't enough for you there is a expandable microSD slot for more storage.

*You can lend your eBooks to your family & friends. Whoever you lend the book to must have the Barnes & Noble eReader software installed on their device, but the software is free. I actually have this installed on my iPhone. ** Thanks to J.T. Oldfield of Bibliofreak, we have a little more info on The Nook's lending "restrictions". Seems that it's a one time lend to someone for 2 weeks. No renewals. When you lend your eBook, you can't read it at the same time- kind of like a real book. Here's the link J.T. shared about The Nook and lending practices.

Standard on both Kindle and The Nook is the ability to look up words in a dictionary, highlight passages on the page, and make notations. You can easily personalize your screensaver with your photos on The Nook too. You can load your photos for screensavers on The Kindle too, although it's not a direct download. You can get samples of books before purchase from both, but Barnes and Noble is promising exclusive content if you are in their store and sampling books via your Nook. (of course my comment to my husband was why not just open the book...)

Would you like to compare The Kindle to The Nook? Here's the comparison chart from Barnes & Noble. And here's The Nook page at Barnes & Noble, where you can watch a 3 minute video about The Nook. And the price? The Nook is retailing for $259, which is the new lower price of The Kindle2.

Book sales have been falling for Barnes & Noble and they are hoping that this device will boost sales. Barnes & Noble says that they will have The Nook is stores to try before you purchase. And if you order one now, shipping is scheduled to begin end of November.... I love my Kindle, but The Nook looks like it combines the nicest features of The Kindle with the features I wished it had (great PDF display & ePub! AND that beautiful full color touch screen.) What do you think? Kindle or Nook? Are you in the market for an eReader, and are you going to wait now to take a real look at The Nook? I can't wait to actually see one! And competition is always good, it can only spur on innovations in the new eReader market.

And speaking of competition, Amazon has lowered the Kindle International/US version to $259! And has eliminated its US only version! You can still get a US version as a refurbished model selling for $219! PLUS Amazon has just announced Kindle for PC! "Kindle for PC," the free application that lets readers around the world enjoy Kindle books on their personal computers (PC). Kindle books can now be read on the Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPod touch, and PC. Read more about Kindle for PC HERE. And go to's Kindle for PC page HERE to sign up to be notified when "Kindle for PC" actually becomes available for download!

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