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Giveaway: Do Over! by Robin Hemley

Giveaway : Do-Over by Robin Hemley

If you had it all to do over again, would you? OK, how about just 'parts' of it?! Well, that's just what Robin Hemley does...

The Giveaway has ended.... Congratulations to Heidi, Gaby, & Rebecca! They each won a copy of Do-Over! And Thank you to EVERYONE who entered the giveaway!

About the Book...

Robin Hemley's childhood made a wedgie of his memory, leaving him sore and embarrassed for over forty years. He was the most pitiful kindergartner, the least spirited summer camper, and dateless for prom. In fact, there's nary an event from his youth that couldn't use improvement. If only he could do them all over a few decades later, with an adult's wisdom, perspective, and giant-like height...

In the spirit of cult film classics like Billy Madison and Wet Hot American Summer, in DO-OVER! Hemley reencounters paper mache, revisits his childhood home, and finally attends the prom--bringing readers the thrill of recapturing a misspent youth and discovering what's most important: simple pleasures, second chances, and the forgotten joys of recess.

Robin Hemly, 48 and a father of three girls, had some regrets growing up... In second grade he had one simple line to say and he blew it! In summer camp he was a failure (not athletic enough) and was always the last one picked for teams, He didn't go to his prom at 16 because he was too shy to ask out Lizzie Clark, and the list goes on. He didn't consider himself a failure, but inside he still felt like the kid who forgot his lines in second grade. He thought if he could go back and redo some of these 'failures', maybe he could unburden himself and live a happier life "internally". So he makes a list.... A Do Over list...

What a fun read too! Especially the interactions he has with the children he encounters as he tries to 'fit in'! It's interesting to see how the he handles his do-overs with an adult perspective, and touching how he even gets advice from one of his young daughters, Olivia, of the finer points of dodgeball... The writing is entertaining, funny and well worth the time. The story held my interest! I rooted for him, maybe because as he succeeded I felt like I succeeded too! Because I'm sure we all have things we'd like to do-over... I know I do! And I want to thank Anna B. of Hachette Book Group for sending me a copy to review! Thank you I really enjoyed it!

Now About the Giveaway...

NOW for the Giveaway! I have 3 copies of Do-Over! for a giveaway to my readers courtesy of Anna B. of Hachette Book Group. Thank you Anna for the opportunity to share this wonderful book!

To Enter this giveaway...

*For one entry leave me a comment with your email address!

*For another entry, follow my blog and leave a comment to let me know you just became a follower. (if you already are a follower you will get an extra entry!)

*Blog or tweet about this giveaway and leave me the link.

* For an extra entry, share with us something you'd like to "do over" from your childhood!

I know I'd like to do over the day I got sent to the corner in first grade when Mrs. B. thought I was rocking JoAnne's chair back & forth when we were all suppose to be listening to her. ( it was actually JoAnne rocking back & forth on her own and I just happen to place my hand on the back of her chair) Talk about humiliating. I was so shy I didn't say anything, I just walked into that corner and stood there for what seemed hours...and I'd have to think now what to do, but it sure is a vivid memory! :D

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only.(No PO boxes). The books will be shipped to the winners directly from the publishers. Contest ends 11:59pm EST on August 22nd. I will randomly pick the winners the next day and email them! (please check your email.. winner must reply to me within 3 days! Thanks!) Good Luck!

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