Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is Bigger Better??

Have I got your attention??! Nothing racy here, just want to know what you think of the NEW Kindle DX! Yup, has just announced another Kindle. Now if you're not familiar with the Kindle it's the eReader (electronic reading device) that operates on 3G technology- that is you can download books wirelessly using the same technology as your cell phone. At the press of a button you can purchase books, magazines & newspapers.

Now I recently purchased a Kindle 2 ( the updated version of the original Kindle) and still have mixed feeling about not having the actual paper book to read. The nice thing about the kindle is that it is so small & slim. About the size of your average trade paperback & as slim as a CD jewel case. Very easy to take with you where ever you go! The new Kindle DX is like the supersized version of the Kindle 2 with a 10.4 x 7 inch screen (the Kindle 2 is a mere 8 x 5 inch screen). It has auto rotation, so if you turn the kindle horizontally the display will adjust. It has a built in PDF reader and you can store up to 3500 books!

But let's think for a second... one of the things I like about my Kindle is the size. I like being able to put it in my handbag. It's easy to carry around too. And text size isn't a problem on the "small" version because you can adjust the size larger if you need to. I guess auto rotation is kinda cool- but realistically after playing with this feature for a few hours I don't think I really need it. WOW, 3500 books though! Of course my Kindle 2 can store 1500 books and my TBR list is almost as long as that so do I really need room for 2000 MORE books?! The only new feature that I would really like is the PDF reader. Sometimes when I send a book in PDF form to my Kindle it doesn't really reproduce it well- words run into eachother, paragraphs are nonexistent. (But thankfully most of my ARC's are in actual book form!)

So, do you think bigger is better? What do you think about eReaders period? Good, Bad, Don't take my books away? Is there any feature you wish the Kindle had? Are you going to run out and get this? (actually it's a preorder at this point) Here's the link to my original post about the Kindle 2 if you'd like to learn more about the original: Kindle 2 And in the meantime I think I'll be happy with what I have and thankful that they still publish REAL books!

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