Saturday, March 21, 2009

Book Review... Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

This review is for all you ladies out there - (sorry guys I just don't think you'd be too into Edward like we are!) I just read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The immensely popular young adult fictional story of love, tenderness & vampires in a place called Forks. With its' popularity legendary in the book world, with over 42 million copies in the series sold worldwide, I bought a copy of Twilight hoping that I wouldn't be disappointed - and I wasn't! Remember your first crush? That feeling inside when just the sight of him would make you light headed? Well that's what Edward does to Bella! He is just too gorgeous, too perfect and unbelievably talented in ways that just seem a bit too... inhuman? As they encounter each other in school he seems to loathe her. She can't believe she's done anything to offend him in the short time she's been in Forks - (she's the new girl in school) but we find out soon that what seems to be loathing is really Edward trying to control his desires... you see he's a vampire, but a good kind of vampire, who is unbelievably attracted to Bella. (you'll have to read the book to find out more - I don't want to spoil anything!) And soon the story turns magical. It's first love for both of them and we are the hidden chaperon as they explore getting to know one another. But it's not all love & kisses here - there are complications in a relationship between a vampire and a human. With all that superhuman strength and blood lust, Edward has to have quite a bit of control. And if that weren't enough to deal with, as well as the struggles of being a typical teenager day to day, there is a dangerous adventure Bella is about to be swept up into... Twilight is the first book in this series, followed by New Moon, Eclipse and ending with Breaking Dawn. Also to be published is Midnight Sun, a retelling of the first book, Twilight, from Edward's point of view. (In Twilight it's Bella who's telling the story) Part of Midnight Sun is available to read on Stephenie Meyer's website:
Twilight is well written and enjoyable! Bella seems very real and believable. She is a typical 17 year old! Not really a teenager anymore, but not quite an adult. Dealing with her divorced parents and moving to Forks, Washington to live with her dad is just the start of Bella's story. Pick this book up and be enchanted by Bella & Edward yourself!

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