Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Romance Just for Women?

Is Romance just for Women? A funny thing happened at work the other day... I work in a male dominated workplace, but quite a few of us are avid readers and always have a book in hand. One day one of the guys had finished his book and asked one of the girls if she had anything he could borrow. She did - a romance! Well, Brian (I’ll protect his identity by not using his last name) is a reader and took it. Now I wasn’t there for the initial exchange, I come into the story later on while some of the other guys (that includes you Eric) I work with were talking about the book Brian had borrowed. That book was making the rounds! Now I had to ask what book they were ALL reading? I can’t write the comments I heard about the book here, but suffice it to say that this wasn’t your sweet love story - it was sizzling! And they couldn’t believe the “secret” we were keeping from them - romance books. The book was Scent of Darkness by Christina Dodd. Not only was it sizzling the story was good too! Secretary has secret desire for rich boss, who doesn’t know she exists. Secretary decides to seduce boss, but accidentally catches him transforming from a wolf to a man. From there the adventure begins. This is the first in Christina Dodds Darkness Chosen series-a paranormal/fantasy romance series. Just goes to show you - we all enjoy a little romance. And that brings up another question- has romance changed in the 21st century? Look for that in my next posting....

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